Writing Prompt #164: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 1)

30 Day Disney Challenge

Image Credit: Meerkat Musings

I saw one of my friends post this on Facebook, so I wanted to do this on the blog!

Day 1 – Your favorite character

Ugh. I spent a good amount of time thinking about this!

I think my favorite character is Olaf!

Image result for olaf

Image result for olaf

I admit, I’ve only seen Frozen once. I still remember how excited I was – I felt like a kid! Al was so sweet to take me to see it in the theater!!

However, I fell in love with Olaf from the very beginning. He’s such a happy snowman!! Plus, I think Josh Gad was perfect for the role.

Come back tomorrow for a new post!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #164: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 1)

  1. I like Olaf too!!! I’m not sure who my favorite Disney Character is… that’s a hard one!!! I really like Sabastion from Little Mermaid, Eeyore, Mary Poppins….. decisions, decisions…. lol!!

  2. That’s a toughie, so many great ones to choose from! Elastigirl’s cool πŸ˜€ Olaf is a fun choice!

  3. Good choice! Olaf is one of favourites too.

  4. This is so cute! And I LOVE OLAF! He’s so adorable and quirky and loving!!! ❀

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