Adventure Time: Richmond, Virginia Edition

I love traveling. And any time I’m able to take a road trip, I make time for it!

Al and I drove up to Richmond yesterday to hang out with our friends Drew and Justin. We had a fantastic day!

After arriving at Drew’s house, we piled in his mom’s Ford Fusion and headed to lunch. We went to Cheeburger Cheeburger, a great 1950s diner style restaurant that has create-your-own-burgers, syrup sodas, and milkshakes. It started in Sanibel Island, Florida. We all got burgers, along with either fries or what they call The Best of the Best – fries and onion rings. Their onion rings are some of the best that I have ever had – So crispy and crunchy!

After lunch, we got back in the car and headed for Thunderbolt Indoor Karting for some go-kart racing. This place is amazing!! It has a small arcade, party room, and this massive track. The karts can go up to 45 miles per hour! We paid for one race, which is 16 laps. This is a serious track — Closed-toed shoes, racing helmets, and neck braces. It was awesome! Drew won our race. Justin was second, I was third, and Al was fourth. It was a blast! There was even a three-level podium where you could pose for pictures! For more info, check them out on Facebook.



After the rush of go-karts, we drove a little ways down the road to the Putt-Putt Fun Center for more fun. As soon as you open the door, you are greeted with a massive arcade where you can win tickets for prizes. Go out the back door and you see three Putt-Putt courses, bumper boats, and their own go-kart track. The center has a great deal – Three activities for $18.00. We all got a ticket where the 1, 2, and 3 were marked off when we went to the stations.

We played a round of Putt-Putt first on Course #1. It was some tough competition. There are 18 holes, all with a par 2. We took our time and had a ton of fun. Yours truly emerged victorious.

It was hot and humid yesterday, so we were all very sweaty by the end of Course #1. We made our way to the bumper boats. This was the best – It was bumper cars on water, plus each boat had a “Squirt” button! We drove around the pool attacking each other with refreshing streams of water. It looked a lot like this:



After we were sufficiently soaked, we picked up our clubs for our second round of Putt-Putt. We completed Course #2. This was a closer match than the first. Justin and I were neck-and-neck for most of the 18 holes. Finally, Justin emerged as the victor.

As we left the Putt-Putt Fun Center, we ordered Domino’s pizza and went to pick them up. The car smelled amazing!

When we got back to Drew’s, we set the pizzas aside and started the batter for our Brownie Bowl Sundaes. You can find the recipe here!

As the brownie bowls were baking, we settled in to watch The Wolverine. Justin and I had never seen it, and it was pretty good from the beginning. We never finished it, but it was good entertainment as we ate the pizza and waited for the brownies to finish.

Those sundaes were awesome! Drew added some Hershey’s instant pudding to keep them moist – SO GOOD!

As we were eating dessert, we went upstairs to finish the movie. We ended up searching YouTube for Key & Peele sketches and Epic Rap Battles of History, and then the conversation switched to the San Diego Comic-Con, which wraps up today. We all freaked out when we learned that there was news of a Batman vs. Superman teaser trailer. It was finally released this morning, but unfortunately, by the time of this writing, it had been removed from YouTube 😦

Here are some of the epic pictures released so far:

Needless to day, we are all STOKED!!!

We switched gears to play several rounds of Sour Apples to Apples – So much fun!

This was a fantastic Saturday. Al and I were so sad to leave, but we had an hour and a half drive to complete.

Justin and Drew, we need to do this again soon!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

Quarterly Review #2

So, about posting my second Quarterly Review (QR) at the end of June … well, it’s July 24th. Whoops!

In all honesty, the end of June came up really quickly, and those last few days were nuts. I was trying to do a million different things, plus get ready for my week-long vacation! More about that in several posts, I promise!

Without further ado, here is QR #2!

14 Goals for 2014

1. Balance checkbook every month

2. Complete the 52-week savings challenge

3. Donate to Goodwill once a month

4. Find & make 14 new recipes

5. Finish 2012 novel

6. Finish 2013 novel

7. Invest in pastel painting / artwork

8. Map routes in neighborhood to walk / run / rollerblade

9. Read at least 5 new books

10. Reduce screen time

11. Take a Medical Terminology class

12. Take iron pill every day

13. Walk 20 minutes during lunch

14. Yoga

1. QR: Work in progress. I got close to being completely caught up in April (!!), but then moving back home and all those details got in the way. I wrote a check the other day and realized then that I’m still behind on getting everything completely updated. I’m now motivated to sit down on a Saturday or Sunday and knock this backlog out, once and for all. As soon as that’s complete, I’ll commit to actually balancing with my statement every month 🙂

2. QR: This is complete! I was really bad about making the weekly transfers. Until I moved back home, that is. I vowed to myself when I moved back in with my parents that I would take one full paycheck per month and just drop it into my savings, no questions asked. I’ve done that for June and July, and that money has already met (and surpassed) the 52-week savings amount! Plus, last week I went ahead and set up a transfer every two weeks so that the money gets squirreled away almost immediately. It feels so good to strike through a goal!!


3. QR: I’ve been relatively consistent with this goal. It’s motivated me to evaluate what I use/wear and what I don’t. I still need to block off a weekend and do a major overhaul of my bedroom and the guest room, along with my bedroom closet.

4. QR: This goal came to a bit of a halt with me moving back home. However, I’ve continued to troll Facebook and Pinterest for recipes. I’m excited to be able to make my first recipe in a while this weekend: Brownie Bowl Sundaes!

5. QR: Haven’t started, and it’s bugging me! I just need to schedule some time soon, since I have about three weeks between the end of the summer semester (final exam next week!) and the fall term and just crack it open. I feel like I’m ready.

6. QR: See #5. I am determined!

7. QR: Work in progress. I found a card table that will work, but so far I’ve only used it a couple times to create my wreaths! I’ve made two so far (pictures to come soon!) and I have several more on the books. I love crafting; the problem is making the time for it. I plan to do a whole post, or two, about the wreath endeavor.

8. QR: Like many of my other goals, this was mostly derailed by my decision to move back home. However, I loved the Hidenwood softball team; I think we finished with something like an 8-8 record. There’s talk of having the team be in the fall league, which is exciting! Also, I’m re-joining OneLife Fitness next week! I’m determined to get into a consistent exercise routine starting in August. I also plan to invest in a FitBit, a Blender bottle, and protein powder from a place like in the next few weeks.





9. QR: As of the middle of July, I have finished four books! I’m so excited!! But I think I’ll combine these last two with book #5 into one post since it’s a popular trilogy. I do have two other books in mind for reviews #4 and #5, but I want to finish the trilogy first!

10. QR: Work in progress. I successfully completed a social-media-free WEEK when I was on vacation (more to come about that!)

11. QR: I will complete this goal by the end of the year! I have enrolled in an Intro to Medical Terminology class that is online. I’m excited to be in that class, along with a paralegal class, for the fall semester. I look forward to learning more as I prepare to get my coder certification in the spring of 2015!



12. QR: This has been difficult. Like most people, I don’t like taking pills. I’ve been trying to incorporate more “natural” iron sources from my food into my diet. I successfully gave a pint at our blood drive in June, where our 5,000th unit donor was recognized. The next one is a week from Saturday – Fingers crossed.

13. QR: This has also been difficult, with the weather and eating at my desk almost every weekday. However, I think I’ll be able to get back on track when I invest in my FitBit.

14. QR: Not much progress. I hope to find a yoga class at OneLife when I re-join next week!

Look for two more reviews in September and December.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂