My Family’s Famous!

Just kidding. But I do have great news to share, along with an important cause.


Some background info: One of our local news stations, WTKR NewsChannel 3, has the slogan/tagline “Taking Action, Getting Results.” With that, the “People Taking Action” award was conceived a while ago; it’s probably been several years now.

Here’s the lowdown on the format: Anchorman Kurt Williams “ambushes” the recipient for the ultimate surprise. The recipient gets recognized, the nominator reads the nomination on camera, and the recipient receives a framed certificate, a $100 gift card from partner Southern Bank, and a NewsChannel 3 “Taking Action” pin.

Check out this recent “Taking Action” story: Stranger steps in to pay woman’s vet bills

Cool story, right?

Well, my family was involved this past week. My wonderful mother, Karen, nominated my extraordinary father, Jim, for his work organizing blood drives at our church, Aldersgate United Methodist Church (AUMC), for the last 14 years. She put my phone number on the nomination and mentioned that they might call, and they might not, but we had our fingers crossed.

A week goes by, and we were preparing for our 83rd blood drive that was scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd. On Thursday, July 31st, my phone rang. I answered and a man was inquiring about the blood drive on Saturday and when the best time was to come in. I explained to him that the flow (no pun intended) of the drive varies. I asked him if he wanted to make an appointment (they’re honored first so you’re not stuck waiting a long time to give!)

He paused and chuckled. “Well, I’m not looking to make an appointment, I’m just trying to see the best time to bring a camera in.”

Light bulb. I freaked out, realizing I was on the phone with legendary anchorman Kurt Williams! He was calling to tell me they wanted to give my dad the award!

My boyfriend Al will tell you – I was so excited when I got to his house later on, I was literally jumping up and down!

Anyway, fast forward to Saturday. I was on pins and needles all morning long (again, no pun intended)! I’ve never been the best about keeping secrets. The only people that knew about this whole thing was Al, my mom, and my work supervisor. I got up early to help my dad set up the drive, and I thought his choice of a red polo shirt and khakis was spot-on. He says he didn’t have a clue what was coming, but I’m not so sure!

My phone rings and I dash out to the parking lot to meet Kurt and the cameraman. My mom pulled up a few minutes later, we did a quick rehearsal/run-through of the plan, and then we all walked in, camera rolling.

Drum roll, please … Here’s our time in the spotlight!

Let me know what you think. My dad certainly deserves this, he has worked this mission/passion so selflessly for over 14 years. He is so gracious and humble. Kudos to Kurt and our awesome cameraman, whose name unfortunately escapes me (!!), thanks for a great segment.

I’ll leave you on this Wednesday with a few quick facts about our blood drives and how YOU can help:

  • AUMC has held 83 blood drives over 14 years, since April of 2000
  • In those 83 drives, our church has helped collect 5,116 units of blood
  • One unit (pint) of blood can save up to three lives
  • Do the math – Our church has potentially helped save 15,348 lives!
  • There are several ways to give – Whole blood, Double Red, platelets, plasma
  • To give, you only have to be 16 with parent consent, 110 pounds, and in good health
  • There is most likely a blood drive in your area RIGHT NOW!

Currently, the American Red Cross is in URGENT need of blood. The summer is historically a low season for blood donations, and the horrible winter storms that we had affected so many drives, so the Red Cross has been dealt a double-whammy.

If you are able, please consider giving!

Please visit the American Red Cross website to learn more about giving blood and how to find a drive in your area.

As always, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them!

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Give the gift of life. Give blood.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂