Adventure Time: Norfolk, VA Edition (Round 2 – Lantern Asia Exhibit)


Perfect slogan. It truly was art and magic.

Back in April, Al and I wanted to check out LanternAsia at the Norfolk Botanical Garden for ourselves. We had heard rave reviews and seen the advertisements everywhere. It was the first exhibition of its kind to come to Norfolk and the Garden – and it was completely worth it! It was so popular that it was decided that the exhibit would be extended for an extra week, in time for Mother’s Day. By that week, nearly 90,000 visitors had come to see the mix of art and magic.

We journeyed out to the Garden around 4:00 p.m. on an unseasonably chilly April afternoon. I’m glad we bought our tickets online. It wasn’t packed, but we knew it would be by nightfall.

Art by day.


Hanging flowers over the first footbridge.


One of my favorite pieces. This was constructed entirely of china/porcelain bowls, spoons, plates, cups, and saucers – All held together by fishing line and wires. Amazing!



Fabric on top, and thousands of glasses with colored water on the bottom. Incredible!


The magnificent dragon.


Moons and stars.


During our visit, this was one of the few roses in bloom in their amazing Bicentennial Rose Garden.


Fabulous archways at the end of the tour.

Magic by night.



Taj Mahal.


The dragon.


A fan ablaze in flowers and light.


Japan Fuji Mountain.


The moon and stars light up the night.


Amazing display towards the end of the tour. The archways are in the background.

I was in awe. I’m so glad we saw the exhibit during the day and at night. It was such a festive atmosphere. Traditional music played throughout, and different countries in Asia were represented. The information platforms were great.

I’ll have these, and the rest of my photos, in a Facebook album later today. It was an amazing experience!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

Getting Personal #21: Back In The Swing Of Things


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This quote was the most fitting for this post. A lot has happened in the last month! There’s a couple things I have to keep under wraps for a little while longer (No, I can assure you that I’m not pregnant – I know that’s what some of you were probably thinking!), but here’s a few that I can share:

  • I started reading the second book for the 2016 reading challenge and I love it!
  • Al and I are celebrating six months of marriage today!
  • I start my summer class on the 23rd, and it’s the first on-campus class for me in five years. I’m excited to be in a law library for two nights a week!
  • I got an A in Family Law!
  • Tidewater Comicon is next weekend! Woohoo!

I’m excited to be back to writing. Look for future posts about LanternAsia, books, movies, and more!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂