Getting Personal #214: July Goals

Welcome back!

Here are my goals for the month of July:

  1. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2020.
  2. Publish my updated TBR post.
  3. Re-organize the filing system.
  4. Finish cleaning out the cabinet above the oven.
  5. Finish de-cluttering the dining room buffet.
  6. Begin the binder of university newspaper articles for preservation.
  7. Send at least five cards, letters, and care packages.
  8. Continue preparations for P.E.O. Virginia State 2022 Convention.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the month of July?

Let me know in the comments!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

17 thoughts on “Getting Personal #214: July Goals

  1. My goal is to survive without getting arrested or taken to a mental hospital. I’m not exactly making good progress on that.

    • Oh my word. Sending you love, hugs, and good vibes!

      • Thanks… I mostly just said that because two nights ago I kind of had a breakdown, I was screaming really inappropriate things and throwing nonbreakable stuff, I was indoors but the neighbors heard and called the police. I’m tired of all this. I feel like I’m just about at my breaking point.

      • I’m sorry you had a breakdown. I’m sorry the police were called, but maybe that’s because your neighbors are good people and they were concerned about you? I wish I lived closer to you. I hope you’re doing better now.

      • I know… if I had heard someone else doing what I did, I might have called the police too. I don’t blame them. I was calm by the time the police got here. I’m not doing any worse… and the other bike shop was able to fix my bike today (the one I’ve been going to said it would be two weeks until they got to it), so that’s some good news. I might do my annual all day ride across the Drawbridge to Jeromeville tomorrow, since it’s going to be a little less hot than usual, but I also did something to my back yesterday so it’ll be a last minute decision based on how I feel.

      • I’m glad your bike got fixed. I hope you’re able to do the annual ride. Feel better!

      • I did… there were a few technical difficulties, but it was a lot of fun. I stopped to say hi to a few friends over there too.

      • Yay! I’m glad.

  2. I hope you get on okay with your goals! I don’t know if I want to set any, I feel like I’m always behind so I’ll be setting myself up for disappointment

    By the way, I don’t want to pry but have you had any luck with the biopsy results..?

    Caz xx

    • Thank you so much! I feel you on the disappointment part – I’ve been there! Hugs to you. Small wins are great.

      You’re not prying at all. Thanks for asking. I’m actually going to call the office today – I haven’t heard anything, and it’s making me nervous. Even my husband is a bit concerned, and he doesn’t usually get rattled. I’ll make an update post as soon as I hear. Thanks for checking in!!

      • Aww I’m sorry you’ve not heard yet. Waiting for results can be incredibly anxiety-inducing. I’d like to hope that no news is good news in the sense that if there were a problem they should contact you with urgency. Will keep my fingers crossed for you lovely.xx

      • Thank you! I called the office, and left a message. Hopefully someone will call me back today. I told my husband that if it’s bad news, the office will typically call to let me know. If it’s good news, then they typically send a letter in the mail. I’m thinking the pathology lab has been swamped with work due to the pandemic.

  3. Wow I’m so glad to see that you’re still doing this series! Congrats on such a long streak 🙂

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