Commentary #33: “July TV Show Photo Challenge” (Day 28)

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Favorite Season Finale Cliffhanger

I hadn’t really given much thought to season finales and cliffhangers, but I found one!



There are some details in this post that may be spoilers.

If you haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory season 8 finale …


Okay. You’ve been warned.

Here we go!

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The title of this episode was “The Commitment Determination.” It aired on May 7, 2015.

By way of the title, the season finale focuses on everyone’s relationships – Sheldon and Amy, Leonard and Penny, Howard and Bernadette, and Raj and Emily – But all in different ways.

Everyone is facing certain obstacles: Howard and Bernadette want Stuart to move out. Leonard tells Penny that, while drunk, he kissed another woman while on the boat in the North Sea. Raj is having a tough time with Emily’s idea of having sex in a graveyard.

Amy wants to take a break from Sheldon. No surprise there – I would have been immensely frustrated too, on the fifth anniversary of their first date, when Sheldon is debating watching The Flash instead of focusing solely on her. So sad!

Surprisingly, I teared up at the very end. Right after Amy tells Sheldon that she needs to step back and reevaluate their situation, Sheldon is seen, alone, at his desk. Then, he looks at his Gollum statue, as he opens the drawer and pulls out that symbolic black ring box.

“Well, Gollum, you’re an expert on rings.”

“What do I do with this one?”

End of episode.

Maybe it was because this episode aired about halfway between my own engagement and wedding. I can’t really explain it, but in spite of all the emotions, I liked this finale / cliffhanger.

I couldn’t wait for season 9 to start!

Did you watch this finale?

What’s your favorite season finale cliffhanger?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

10 thoughts on “Commentary #33: “July TV Show Photo Challenge” (Day 28)

  1. We watched that one, made me tear up! My fav was probably from Lost, when the light appears in the hatch.

  2. I love the BBT & this episode had me SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO upset! I was yelling at the TV that Amy & Sheldon HAD to stay together, & there was a lot of “NOOOOOO” being shouted too.

    • Exactly! I almost cried. I had tears in my eyes at the very end – Sheldon sounds so sad!!

      • I know!!! It really humanized him. I was so happy with the progression of the characters’ relationships in Season 9, which I won’t mention in case you haven’t watched it yet. If you haven’t, though, WATCH IT. Now. Stop whatever you’re doing & watch it. 😀

      • I’ve seen it all! Thanks, though! Can’t wait for season 10!

      • Oh thank goodness. I can’t either!! I love that show so much. I have “soft kitty” socks that my two girlfriends bought me (each one bought me one set!) – they have the words & lil kitties on them. Definitely one of my favorite shows. 😀

      • Awwww, I love that! I get excited when I see people who have the “Bazinga” shirts!

      • I haven’t seen anyone with one on, but if I did I would probably flash the Spock “live long & prosper” hand gesture.

        I love that being smart & a lil socially awkward is cool now. By the transitive property, that makes me cool! LOL

      • Excellent! I love it 🙂

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