Commentary #30: “July TV Show Photo Challenge” (Day 25)

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Favorite TV Cop

Oh, man. If you couldn’t tell already, I really, really like shows with cops!

But, I gotta go with a girl for this one!

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LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT Pictured: Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson Image Credit:

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Law & Order: SVU #07015 “Manipulated” 12-16-2005 Director: Matt Earl Beesley DP: Geoffrey Erb Scene 41 (Int) Interrogation Room (behind the scene) “Stabler & Benson interrogate Tessa” Chris Meloni (Stabler) Mariska Hargitay (Benson) Rebecca De Mornay (Tessa) Betty Buckley (Attorney Walsh) photo credit: Will Hart / NBC Universal Image Credit:

Olivia Benson, portrayed by Mariska Hargitay, from Law & Order: SVU.

She’s as tough as nails. She’s a bad-ass. She can be ruthless!

But, she’s also human. She suffered a lot, which led her to become a cop.

Read her backstory – It’s fascinating.

I love her character! I’ve laughed with her, and definitely cried with her. Seeing her on the screen has heightened my interest in criminal law and law enforcement.

Do you like Law & Order: SVU?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

21 thoughts on “Commentary #30: “July TV Show Photo Challenge” (Day 25)

  1. Ooo… that is a tough one. I would have said Detective Theresa Lisbon from The Mentalist, personally, but I also love SVU. & NCIS. But I agree – I love the female detectives/cops/agents the best. I like seeing women in a stereotypically male-dominated profession kicking a**. 😀

    • Nice! I haven’t watched The Mentalist. I love NCIS – Especially Abby! And I was super sad when Ziva left. There are so many shows where the women kick butt – CSI, Criminal Minds, JAG, and more!

      • The Mentalist was great. I highly recommend it (especially if you like a tough as nails female character with a bit of a rough upbringing… I guess it has become a bit of a trope, but I like it).

        I have to admit, I stopped watching NCIS when Ziva left. She was my absolute favorite (OK, she was tied with Abby… & Gibbs, of course…) & I didn’t like the new character that they put in her place. Now, with Tony leaving, I feel like I got out just at the right time. :-/

      • Is The Mentalist on Netflix?

        I stopped watching NCIS around the same time. My parents still watch it, and they have said that it isn’t the same without her.

      • Yes, The Mentalist is on Netflix… but DVD only. It’s an improvement – when I first got interested in the show, it wasn’t available on Netflix at all. But, I know not everyone has the DVD rental on Netflix anymore; not since streaming became more popular.

        My Dad still watches NCIS too. He seems to like it still, & I’ll admit to watching some reruns when they’re on USA, but it’s just not the same. 😦

      • My husband still has the DVD rental, along with streaming. I need to talk to him about updating his queue! Thank you!

        Yeah, I stopped watching a lot of shows because of character changes – NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds. I even protested SVU when Stabler left! I was heartbroken!

      • Yessss! Get him to add The Mentalist! I love Patrick Jane – he’s basically a con artist who used to pretend to be a psychic & now he helps solve crimes for the California Bureau of Investigations, helping the boss lady, Theresa Lisbon. Great work.

        I couldn’t keep watching SVU after a while… it just … got too sad. 😥 I didn’t even know Stabler had left!

      • Awesome! I’ll have to check it out.

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you didn’t know about Stabler! I agree, it got sad and super intense.

      • No need to apologize! I really haven’t been watching the show, nor do I intend to get back to watching it (at least not as religiously), so there were no spoilers. 🙂

      • Whew! That’s good! I hate spoiling things!

      • I feel you on that one!! No worries, we’re all good. 🙂

  2. What do you think about Prison break series

  3. What I mean is writing and blogging is a form of therapy for me. It helps me to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and into words. Does that make sense?

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