Writing Prompt #178: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 13)

30 Day Disney Challenge

Image Credit: Meerkat Musings

Day 13 – Your least favorite song

“Let It Go” from Frozen (2013)

Image result for let it go from frozen

It was symbolic in the movie. I downloaded it on my phone. Now, I can’t stand to listen to it. Idina Menzel is a good singer, don’t get me wrong. But give me a song from Wicked any day. Not this.

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Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

12 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #178: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 13)

  1. Agreed! Not a bad song, but it had its time.

  2. Honestly, I’ve only ever heard the song once in its entirety – the one time I watched “Frozen.”

    Well, that, & my Dad keeps singing a line from it when I tell him to let something that’s irking him go.

    I’m so there with you on “Wicked,” though!! SO GOOD!!!

    Are you a fan of musicals?

    • Hahahahahah!

      I love Wicked!

      I do like musicals – I’ve seen several Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

      • That’s awesome!! Did you watch the televised version of Rent that aired recently? It was fantastic!!

      • No, I didn’t. I stay far, far away from the televised versions. I was thoroughly entertained by the commentary on Facebook, though. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      • What did the commentary say? I’ve been a Rent fan since the beginning (Yeah, I’m pulling the “hipster” card LOL) – the only thing that I found interesting about the show was that the guy who played Roger broke his foot in the second to last scene, so they played a pre-taped version up to the last scene & worked around poor Roger with his broken foot!

        I’ve found that the televised versions are actually quite good. I was skeptical at first (yeah, I’m a purist… hipster kid that I am today lol), but I’ve watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show & Rent & they were really good.

        I could list my credentials for judging musicals, if it would give my defensive position more credit. LMFAO 🤣 🤣 🤣

      • The commentary was how awful it was. I think many of my friends have disliked the live versions of these productions, so that’s probably why.

        I hear about poor Roger!

      • Haters be hatin’, as they say. LOL

        The fellow playing Angel had a sore throat, that would by my only complaint. Otherwise, the actors were engaging, talented, on point, & very good.

        I don’t know why people take issue with these live TV performances. They’re only different from seeing the plays on stage, as they were written to be seen, by the fact that a camera gives visuals you’d otherwise miss.

        Also, no jerk’s phone goes off & no one is trying to film it to sell later. LOL

      • That’s good to hear!

        I agree regarding the phones. So annoying!

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