Writing Prompt #100: “The A to Z Writing Challenge: Favorite Songs/Music/Bands” (Letter M)

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Welcome back!

April 13th – M

Mine, Taylor Swift

This is another sentimental, mushy post, for sure!

When I first heard this song and watched the music video in 2010, it was right before Al and I became friends. However, I knew immediately that this song was special. It was special to me. Little I did know, how significant it would become.

About a month after Mine was released, Al and I went on our first date. That one date changed both our lives forever. It was like magic!

When we got engaged in December 2014, I knew I wanted this song to be a part of our wedding, somehow. By that time, the Glee cast had released their CD with Mine on it (Season 4, Volume 1).

Sometime in early 2015, I decided that I wanted to sing the song to Al during our rehearsal dinner. I used that Glee CD and practiced every single time that I was in the car by myself.

I’m not the best singer in the world – I usually get really nervous if I’m singing solo. Knees knocking, shaking, sweating, the whole deal.

But, I knew this song was special. And, I wanted to be as confident as I could, knowing it would be a surprise to Al, and many others attending the dinner.

I got my bridal party involved, too. They helped make posters that spelled out “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine,” from the song. I had the bridal party and the groomsmen stand and hold them as I was singing, in the middle of the local Olive Garden. It was incredible! I asked my dad to videotape the whole thing, too.

It went off as perfectly as it could. Did I get nervous? Absolutely. I was sweating, could hardly still stay, and I could feel my knees knocking as I sang to him in my patterned dress and brown heels. But, it was awesome. I kissed him right afterwards. I think he was embarrassed, but also touched. It felt amazing! I was so proud of myself that I was able to pull it off.

Anyway, that’s my story!

Here’s the music:

What are your favorite songs/music/bands that start with M?

Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear about it!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #100: “The A to Z Writing Challenge: Favorite Songs/Music/Bands” (Letter M)

  1. That’s such a sweet story, and a memory both of you will have for the rest of your lives! Very touching!

    Magic Man – Heart
    Melissa – The Allman Brothers
    Money – Pink Floyd
    More than a Feeling – Boston
    Moondance – Van Morrison
    Moonlight in Vermont – Billie Holliday
    Morning Light – Justin Timberlake & Alicia Keys

  2. That’s such a sweet story! I’m sure it meant the world to Al. ❀

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