Hot Topic #16: The Fight Over The Dakota Access Pipeline


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There’s been a huge fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

I’ve seen a bit of chatter about it on Facebook, but I wanted to address it here.

The image below is a map of the proposed pipeline, running from North Dakota to Illinois.

Here’s the facts from Energy Transfer: DAPL Pipeline Facts


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It’s been a mix of stop and go, for a while now.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe filed an injunction, but a federal judge rejected it.

Then, the U.S. Army, Department of Justice, and Department of Interior announced they would stop work – temporarily – under a lake that is considered a crucial source of water for the tribe.

Several news agencies have covered this issue, but I don’t think it’s been nearly enough!

What I can’t understand is how this issue has not received national coverage, up until recently. I’m glad that news outlets are starting to give it attention, but it’s tough to swallow that nearly four whole months went by (roughly May 10th to September 3rd) between coverage of the efforts to stop this pipeline and more protests.

Here’s a caption from the Political Junkie News Media Facebook page from September 12th:


A temporary halt on 3% of the pipeline is not a victory. Arrest warrants issued for Amy Goodman and Jill Stein is not justice. Hiring private mercenaries to combat peaceful protestors is not protecting their 1st amendment.

It’s terrorism. Don’t let this story die. #nodapl #rezpectourwater

While searching for more information on Facebook, I stumbled on the US Uncut page.

I then found this link:


That headline, alone, convinces me that this story needs to be explored, investigated, and told, not ignored.


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People Over Pipelines.


Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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