Commentary #42: Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows!


Image Credit: Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch.

I saw this post on Getting Through Anxiety, written by B.G.

The Rules:

  1. Download the Rec’d & Wreck’d header and include it in your post.
  2. Specify what you’re going to Rec’d & Wreck’d. If you were tagged to do a Rec’d & Wreck’d post, let us know and mention the person who tagged you.
  3. List three things you would recommend (rec’d). Rave until your heart’s content.
  4. List three things you would like to wreck (wreck’d). Rant until your heart’s content.
  5. State your challenge for the next Rec’d & Wreck’d post. Here’s an example:
    Rec’d & Wreck’d challenge:
    – Type: Books
    – Genre: YA Contemporary
    – Prompt: I’m looking for a book that can make me ugly cry
  6. You can open the challenge to all your blog readers, but you should nominate at least seven (7) people to do your challenge.
  7. Do not forget to link back to the original post on That Bookshelf Bitch. That way, more people can learn about the feature and join in on the fun!

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Here we go!



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(1) The Flash – This is the first superhero show that I absolutely love. The story is well-written, there’s drama and suspense, and the writers have tried really hard to stay true to the character and the comic books! The only thing I’ve hated thus far was the season 2 finale – It was terrible! However, I’m curious to see what they do with season 3!


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(2) Last Man Standing – This is one of the best comedies I’ve watched. We’ve blown through all of the seasons, between Netflix and a handful of Friday nights. If you liked Home Improvement, definitely check this one out. Tim Allen is hilarious, and the cast of characters around him are awesome!


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(3) The Big Bang Theory – I got started late with this show, but I fell in love quickly. It’s awkward and adorable. They make science awesome! I can’t believe that Season 10 premieres next week!



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(1) Supergirl – I really wanted to like this show. I was so excited when they cast Melissa Benoist (Glee). But, after just a few episodes, it was clear that they were trying way too hard. Plus, they left out a few key characters! I’m happy that CBS didn’t cancel it, and they’ve moved it to the CW with The Flash. I plan to watch an episode or two of the new season, but I don’t have high hopes.


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(2) Gossip Girl – I read a few of the books between high school and college, and when I heard they were making it into a TV show, I wanted to give it a whirl. But, I knew immediately that it wasn’t my cup of tea. The books showcase the elite rich in New York, and it’s definitely evident in the show! It was too much for me.


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(3) The Walking Dead – I have several friend who love this show. I think that’s great. Once I found out it had zombies and violence, I said no thanks, absolutely not. I don’t do well with a lot of violence / blood / gore. I tried one of the first episodes, and it almost made me sick.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

12 thoughts on “Commentary #42: Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows!

  1. I agree with you on The Flash and Supergirl. I LOVED season of The Flash but season 2 started falling apart for me and just like you, I HATED the finale. I have seen a trailer for season 3 though and it seems interesting, so we’ll see! As for Supergirl, I’m gonna try watching the next season and I don’t think it’s awful, but I find Kierra’s character weak, especially since she’s supposed to be Supergirl. It seems like she’s constantly getting beat up!

  2. I like Tim Allen too.

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