Blog Awards #5: “Summer Award!”


Image Credit: wwwpalfitness

I was nominated for this Summer Award by Paul, who writes wwwpalfitness. I follow his blog, and he offers some excellent workout posts, creative acrostic poems, and he also re-blogs lots of interesting articles and pieces.

Here’s the link to where I was nominated:

The Rules:

  1. Copy the award in your post and if you like display it on your site.
  2. Thank your nominator and link them to your post
  3. Answer just 3 questions
  4. Simply nominate 3 people, advise them in a post of theirs and set your own questions or copy mine

The questions I was asked:

  1. Tell everyone what your blog is about
  2. Tell people a little bit about yourself that is not on your blog
  3. What is unique about you that we may not know

My Answers:

Tell everyone what your blog is about

  • I created Hot Shot Headlines to publish informational posts about things in the news, share some of my personal experiences, as well as create a platform to publish my own work. I wanted to create a space that combined my loves of journalism, media, fiction, non-fiction, and other forms of creative writing. I’ve met so many amazing people through this little blog in the last two years – So, thank you all!

Tell people a little bit about yourself that is not on your blog

  • I love the American Girl books and dolls. I’ve read every AG book that has been published since the early 1990s. As for the dolls, I started with a Bitty Baby when I was young. I received my first 18-inch doll, Stephanie, for Christmas 1996. I bought Molly before she was archived in 2013. Then, my wonderful husband recently help add Kit to my collection (errr, addiction / obsession). I desperately want to take a trip to one of the stores – The closest one to us is near Washington, D.C. – but I’ve told Al to keep my credit cards under lock and key when we go.

What is unique about you that we may not know

  • This is a challenging question for me. I think I’ve revealed a lot of my uniqueness on the blog already! Let’s see … Something unique about me is that, despite being born prematurely, I tried my hardest in school, and was lucky / fortunate enough to be accepted into the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for my high school years. It was a significant challenge, given my struggles with math and science, but it was a great opportunity. I had some of the best teachers, and I made a great group of friends. When given the chance, I always talk about IB and how great of a program it is. I’m thrilled that one of the young women at my church, Lindsey, is starting the program in September! I helped teach her Sunday School in her elementary school years, and she chose IB over a few other exclusive academies in the Chesapeake area. I’m cheering for you all the way, Lindsey!

My Nominees:

  1. Vinster at vinnieh
  2. Rae at I Will Not Live In Vain
  3. Candace at Literary Dust

Until the next headline, Laura Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “Blog Awards #5: “Summer Award!”

  1. Hey congo. Am glad I followd you.

  2. What’s the “International Baccalaureate (IB) program?”

    • In a nutshell, it’s an academic program that emphasizes critical thinking skills. I took pre-IB in my freshman and sophomore years, and then the true IB program in junior and senior years. It was college-level classes. I was eligible for AP tests throughout high school. I wrote a 4,000 word extended essay in junior year. I took the exams in my senior year, a culmination of the last two years of schooling. In addition, I performed 120 hours of community service in two years. I scored well on the exams and earned the IB diploma. A lot of my classmates received significant college credits as well. It was very challenging, but my college experience was a lot smoother than most of my peers. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.

      • Oh wow! That sounds like such an amazing program!! I wish that more schools taught with a focus on critical thinking. I didn’t learn it until college.

      • Thank you so much. That’s why I recommend IB to everyone. Critical thinking is not taught everywhere, although it should be. I was much better prepared for college. There are several schools in the Hampton Roads area that offer IB, which I think is awesome. My high school recently celebrated 10 years since the first graduating class.

      • I know what you mean. In my High School, “critical thinking” was the section in the end of the history chapter where they wanted you to regurgitate some section from the chapter. It was the opposite of critical thinking.

      • Exactly! Education today is so focused on testing now. It makes me sick!

      • I totally agree!!

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