Commentary #17: “Disney Princesses As Modern Day Girls Living In The 21st Century”


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I’ve jabbered on, from time to time, how awesome my friend Megan P’s blog, Freckled Italian, is. She’s amazing!

Thanks to one of her more recent “Friday Favorites” posts, I found this link in one of the comments:

I love this concept!

Anoosha’s artwork is fun and colorful. Her descriptions made me laugh so hard! I read it, and re-read it, and read it again.

Usually, that’s a sign for me to write about something.

To be honest, I don’t really have a favorite Disney Princess.

As a child, I dressed up as Snow White and Pocahontas. I loved the plastic Pocahontas jewelry set from Toys R’ Us. One of our dear friends even made me a more historically accurate Pocahontas costume, and I was so sad when I realized that I had outgrown it. (Time to ask Mom if she kept it!)

I keep forgetting that Anastasia wasn’t a Disney Princess, but she is, in my eyes.

Mulan made me want to stand up against bullies.

Jane made me want to see the world and interact with animals.

Tiana furthered my love of history, and wanting to see New Orleans someday.

Merida made me want to learn archery and get back on a horse.

I’ve seen all of the movies, multiple times, although I must confess that I never watched The Little Mermaid all the way through until college.

Out of all of them that Anoosha illustrated (Note: Not all the princesses are featured), I think I most closely associate with Belle.

My mom has a picture of me, at six years old, happily smiling as Belle at Disney World has her hands on my shoulders.

I have dreamed of / longed for / obsessed over having the library that she explores for years – Every single detail.

I love that she’s portrayed as a fangirl, loving books and Doctor Who and fanfiction. It reminds me of the Nerdy, Geeky, and Damn Proud Of It post I wrote last year.

I love this piece. I’ve saved the web link, for future reference. I want to show this to my future children, to show them that life is not all about pink and dresses and castles and fairytales.

These young women are graceful, strong, intelligent, beautiful, adventurous, and kick-ass awesome.

Plus, this is a reminder to myself, as well. I love getting dressed up, putting on makeup, and feeling like a princess – Occasionally.

Anoosha turned the princesses into images that we all can relate to – and I’m over the moon excited about it.

I wonder if these illustrations could be turned into dolls?

Check out more of Anoosha’s work here.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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