Writing Wednesdays #5

“Writing is, in the end, that oddest of anomalies: an intimate letter to a stranger.” ~Pico Iyer

Almost halfway through February. Happy Valentine’s Day on Saturday 🙂

Enjoy installment #5!

They’d been holding hands ever since dinner had started, when Brennan’s left hand had slipped from the table down to Kristin’s knee. Kristin responded almost immediately, with a jolt.

With a flick of the wrist, her fork flew into her left hand; she was fortunate that she had learned to be ambidextrous at a young age. As soon as her other fingers had grasped the fork, her right hand jerked away to meet Brennan’s waiting hand. Their fingers interlocked then, and they’d barely let go of each other since. When they had to part, it took everything in their power to do so. It was like they hadn’t touched in years.             


The memory of dinner made them smile from ear to ear. Brennan’s thumb stroked Kristin’s skin ever so gently. She was so relaxed, but also so horny at the same time. She wanted to find a place to sit down, actually lie down, with complete privacy with the guy whom she’d instantly fallen in love.

They reveled in the crickets and the bullfrogs for a few minutes, their hands holding on to each other for dear life. Brennan’s thumb strokes along Kristin’s thumb sped up a little. But that couldn’t match their heartbeats. Kristin was almost hyperventilating. Brennan kept swallowing, his Adam’s apple fluttering up and down like a red and white fishing bobber on the lake’s surface would with the fish biting.

As they listened and reveled in the sounds of rich nature, Kristin’s fantasy came rushing back. She had a feeling that they were meant to be at the lake first, though, for some reason. She wanted the cabin scene to come later anyway. Brennan was strong, she knew, and she was sure he wouldn’t mind gathering firewood for a cozy fire. After all, what guy wouldn’t want an excuse to cuddle a shivering girl while warming up? Things could heat up pretty quickly, she knew. And she wanted it to. She was hot enough already, physically and emotionally.

Brennan’s fantasy flooding into his head, but he did not want to scare the girl of his dreams off. Not here, not now. He knew there was a reason that they’d stopped at the lake though. Maybe his ultimate skinny-dipping fantasy would come true sooner than he thought. He swallowed hard and shut his eyes briefly. His thoughts washed over him, but he wanted to focus solely on the girl who stood a head shorter than him. Brennan felt Kristin’s other arm wrap around his waist and her head lay down softly on his shoulder.

“She wants me, and she wants me badly,” Brennan thought.

He considered that a major score in his book, and he wanted to pump his fist in the air. However, he didn’t out of respect. He just enjoyed Kristin continuing to lean into him, her breath ruffling the cotton of his shirt. His pants suddenly tightened as his penis swelled and quivered violently.

Brennan took a deep breath and thought, “If we don’t have sex tonight, I think I’ll go crazy. Oh wait, I’m already crazy. Crazy for this girl, that is.”

He smiled to himself and gathered his thoughts together so he could suggest a place to go sit down. He prayed that the sitting down would lead to lying down. He wasn’t necessarily considering the skinny-dip idea anymore, but he knew one thing for sure: He wanted to see Kristin naked tonight desperately. And not to be egotistical, but he certainly wanted her to see him in the buff too.

Fortunately for Brennan, he actually didn’t have to open his mouth. They took about ten more steps and stumbled upon a small clearing in the trees that revealed an old wooden dock. It wasn’t long or high, like other docks they’d seen in cheesy camp movies and the two others here at Camp. But they both thought it was perfect. They both wanted to run like the wind toward the end of it, but Brennan had a feeling this dock was old, with warped boards.

Before either of them took one step forward, Brennan shone his flashlight beam upon the first few planks to find weathered grey wood. He sighed and looked down at Kristin’s Old Navy flip-flops; just one rusty nail could puncture not only the thin rubber sole, but her delicate foot as well. He knew that she would certainly not want to endure a tetanus shot at all, but especially not on their first night here at Camp. So, Brennan did the only logical thing he could think of: He dropped Kristin’s hand and swept her off her feet, literally.

He scooped her up like a doll, his left arm around her shoulders, his right cradling her lightly tanned, silky smooth legs. She gasped at the suddenness, but just as quickly broke into a huge grin from ear to ear. She swung her feet back and forth with giddiness as he sauntered onto the dock like a puffed-up peacock. He held her close, taking in her smooth arm looped around his neck, the breath from her cute nose whistling around his skin. He hoped she didn’t see the goose-bumps that dotted his bare skin.

She watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down like a frantic pulse and stifled a giggle. “I don’t know if he’s nervous or horny; maybe both. I know one thing though; he’s not going to drop me.”

And as if he had just heard, or read, her thought; his hands and arms suddenly tightened momentarily, then relaxed. She laughed to herself and smiled.

“This is perfect,” Kristin thought.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but no matter what, I’m definitely along for the ride now.”


Brennan held Kristin tightly again his body, hoping immensely that she didn’t feel his body shuddering with a huge range of emotion. He felt horny, obviously, but there were twinges of fear there too. He was mostly happy and excited, however. The fear was pushed down, with a prayer that nothing bad, scary or creepy would happen to them. Not today, anytime but tonight.

Kristin felt completely safe in Brennan’s arms. She really didn’t want him to put her down, but she wanted to see, taste, touch, hear and, smell anything and everything with her and Brennan together.

“In the words of the brilliant Aerosmith,” Kristin thought, “‘I don’t want to miss a thing …’”

Brennan had music playing in his head too: Aerosmith, KISS, Drake, Usher and even some Michael Buble. He smiled to himself, knowing Kristin would be surprised and pleased that he had Michael Buble playing along. As the notes swirled through his head, they found the end of the old dock.

Brennan leaned down so that he could gently sit Kristin down on the warped, grey boards. “Careful,” he warned, “there are probably splinters and rusty nails. I wouldn’t want your beautiful skin to be marred by some old wood.”

Kristin chuckled and smiled at his thoughtfulness. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt either,” she said sincerely, “It’s bad luck to have to go to the infirmary less than 24 hours after arriving at the most peaceful place in the whole world, you know.”

Brennan laughed, causing Kristin to dip her head as she blushed in a fit of silent giggles. Brennan saw her head go down, to which he responded with his thumb and forefinger gently grabbing her chin. He carefully lifted her beautiful face up to meet his eyes, which were dancing among the LED lights that shone between their closely-pressed thighs.

To Brennan’s immediate relief, Kristin didn’t push his fingers away; she only hungered for more. Her eyes were dancing too, he noticed, the flecks of brilliant green and grey sparkling among the deep blue lake. Brennan kept his fingers on her chin for a few more seconds, stroking her beautiful beige skin with the slight farm tan. Then, ever so gently, her blinking doe eyes watched his fingers leave her chin and move up to carefully sweep a strand of her soft, silky hair off her forehead. She exhaled happily. Brennan sighed in both happiness and relief. Everything was working out great so far. He congratulated himself briefly before planning his next immediate move: He wanted to kiss her.

As Kristin felt the strand of hair being brushed off her forehead, she sighed as her entire 110-pound body started to tingle uncontrollably. She was able to hide it from Brennan’s view, but now she was completely head over heels. She longed for a guy who was funny, romantic and gentle; Brennan was clearly the right guy. All she wanted in that moment was a kiss. She lacked the courage to lift her face another inch, and she was grateful when she felt Brennan’s breath across her cheek and then she felt his lips on hers.

The next few moments were a complete blur. They knew they were lip-locked, slightly parted, scarcely breathing. Their eyes were shut tight, drinking everything in. Everything else in terms of feelings, sights, thoughts were in a crazy mixing bowl. Neither of them wanted their first official kiss to end. But, as their lips parted and Kristin’s head settled on Brennan’s shoulder, they knew there was another one not far behind.


They kissed and kissed, and kissed some more. Around the sixteenth (but who was really counting), someone’s tongue breached the part in their lips. And they tasted each other. They explored the insides of their cheeks, tongues, teeth. Their breaths, already rapid since before the first kiss, were to the point of frantic. They had to pull away several times to breathe on their own, but as soon as the fresh forest air entered their lungs, they were right back where they’d started.

Kristin appreciated the fact that Brennan’s hands had stayed relatively still, almost in the same place. She was initially afraid that Brennan, being a typical red-blooded male, would have his hands all over her. She didn’t want to become scared, or worse, put off by the guy with whom she was already madly in love.

Fortunately for her, Brennan had all the respect in the world for her. To prove this point, he wanted to go as slowly as possible, while still holding her interest and passion. To Kristin’s surprise and relief, she noticed that his left hand and arm had encircled her waist from the moment he had gently set her down on the dock. His right limb had only moved from her right shoulder to cradling her neck, which she found incredibly comforting, alluring and overall extremely sexy.

Knowing at that point that he wouldn’t push the envelope made her want him more. She wanted him to push the envelope. She wanted him to slip his hands under her tank top, to feel her fiery skin. She wanted him to touch her bra, to slip his fingers under the cotton to play with her breasts, to squeeze her nipples and make them instantly hard, like marbles. More than anything, though, she wanted to be undressed, and she wanted it to happen soon. It didn’t matter who undressed whom; she was even considering doing a striptease for him, even though she had no idea how to do one.

She wanted him to witness her whole body, her naked skin. And if things led on to others, she wanted him to be her first; she wanted to feel his penis inside her vagina. She wanted to feel all those feelings, those that her mother and the magazines had told her about for years now. She even wanted to experience an orgasm, if she was able. Just thinking about it only made her hunger for it even more.   

Her hands, meanwhile, had been anywhere and everywhere; well, above his waist, anyway: Dangling around his neck, entwined in his hair, on his shoulders, stroking his face. And though she feared Brennan would be upset by this, it was just the opposite. He had wanted to strip her down in the woods, but he’d restrained. He told himself to wait, to be patient until things were the most romantic, when it felt just right. At this point, his penis could barely take any of this anymore. Not that he minded her frantic hands being all over him, changing positions every few seconds. The only thing, he desperately wanted her to move them down, down to his belt and his shorts. He wanted her to touch him so badly. She wanted her fingers to stroke his member for a little while, maybe even put her beautiful mouth on it for a bit. Then, if all went well, he desperately wanted his quivering penis inside of her tender yet horny pussy. He wanted to feel her pulsating clitoris against his shuddering penis.
He wanted to feel every part of her, with all of his being.

He wanted to be naked, she wanted to be naked. They both were about to get their wishes granted.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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  1. How scorching. Sexy as hell.

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