Writing Wednesdays #4

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter of make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul.” ~Meg Rosoff

Hello, February! One month closer to spring, hooray!

Enjoy week numero cuatro!

As her thoughts swirled, Trevor gingerly moved his gargantuan hands underneath the hem of Kristin’s shirt, her favorite cotton tee with the cherries. She willingly let him explore her skin, her breaths coming faster and faster, the sweat was starting to bead on her forehead. All the while, she was getting excited, though a little nervous. She wasn’t feeling it in her clit or breasts, but she was willing to let Trevor play around.

She relished in his gentleness. He explored every inch of her torso, and before she knew it, he’d slipped the tee over her head, balling it up behind her head as a pillow. He kissed her hot skin, with a few flicks of the tongue that made her giggle. He gingerly moved his hand to her bra, his fingers trembling slightly as he moved the straps off her shoulders. She unhooked her bra and let it fall. Trevor stared for a few seconds, taking in her creamy skin and pretty nipples. He ran his fingers up and down and around. Kristin tensed, but loved it. He gently twisted her nipples and kissed them, which made them hard. Trevor liked that, she remembered.

Topless, Kristin pushed herself up onto her elbows to kiss him. Like Trevor had earlier, she moved her hands underneath the hem of his John Deere tee, and he inhaled sharply. She kissed him full on the mouth, flicking her tongue inside his mouth. He breathed harder as he realized that her hands were headed for his jeans.

He helped her with the button and zipper, unable to take his eyes off her gorgeous, full breasts, and hard nipples. He turned sideways to slip his jeans off. He left his boxers on to let her explore. She started at his knee and slowly trailed her hand up toward his package. He had an evident hard-on, with his penis quivering. Trevor kept a hand on Kristin’s breasts, attempting to steady his breathing as her hands got closer.

She reached the middle of his thigh and noticed his Adam’s apple was going crazy. She filled with renewed excitement. She was actually going to touch his penis, his balls.

In a surprising move though, when Kristin’s hand reached the waistband of his boxers, she moved both hands to them and tugged down. Trevor’s eyes went wide, but he didn’t resist. He helped her. Finally, she was staring at his package. She gingerly touched his balls first, and then moved to his shaft and tip. Trevor’s breathing was out of control at this point. He steadied his hands on Kristin’s shoulders, never taking his eyes off her breasts. She stroked his penis just like he’d first masturbated, four years prior. Finally, he realized he was going to ejaculate, and soon.

His only words were, “Baby, I’m going to …” and Kristin responded by shoving his penis between her breasts. This made him come with a ferocity he’d never experienced, watching his sperm and fluid spill all over her beautiful skin, her big, bouncy breasts.

They breathed in silence for a few minutes until Trevor fully realized that she was covered in his fluids. He gently cleaned her up with his boxers. They re-dressed each other, kissed one more time and then Trevor drove her home.

They ended their relationship mutually two days later, right before second period.


Kristin suddenly shuddered as she came back to the present, filled with memories. Yet, she smiled. She knew, in her heart, that having experienced what she and Trevor had together, she was better off because of it. Yes, it was painful to break up so suddenly after that amazing Saturday night. But it was mutual, all the same. Trevor didn’t dump her, and she didn’t flake on him. They talked about it later that Monday, deciding to be just friends after all.

They both said they were grateful that they went as far as they did, but glad they hadn’t pushed the envelope. What they ended with was enough for the both of them. It left them with a certain amount of dignity.

That Saturday was almost the light bulb that showed them that continuing their relationship was not going to end well. They both shed tears and were remorseful to one another, but they ended up becoming closer friends. They kept their distance for a few days, but the weekend after their farthest push, they were right back to bowling and hanging out with their same group of friends, almost as if nothing had happened at all.

Her heart hurt a little over the memories and feelings, but she smiled as she looked back out the window toward Brennan. The visions of Trevor quickly faded away as she turned her full attention to Brennan’s sexy body; quirky, nerdy personality; bright smile; high-pitched laugh. She was filled with such a thrill that she wanted the waves of desire and pleasure just roll her down the aisle and the steps of the bus and wash her up at his feet. But she waited until every other person was going in the opposite direction of Brennan.

Brennan was overjoyed that Kristin had been looking at him practically the entire time he’d been helping unload the luggage. He didn’t even think it was creepy; frankly, it made him only more turned on than he already was, and he had no idea how that was even possible.

He smiled to himself, thinking, “I bet she had no idea that I was watching her, too. I think it’s so sexy that she can’t take her eyes off of me. Man, I can’t take it anymore. I need to at least kiss her at some point today; otherwise I think I’ll explode. Although I know that my guts splattering all over her beautiful body would certainly not be a turn-on …”

As he tried not to visualize his graphic explosion, he realized that Kristin was no longer staring at him through the bus window. He swiveled his head around to see where she could be, since he couldn’t let her out of his sight. That is, both figuratively and literally.

Unbeknownst to each other, they had become obsessively defensive of one another, even though they’d only met an impressive four hours beforehand. They didn’t want anyone else of the opposite sex to come within a few feet. They just wanted to be near each other, all the time. And they’d barely touched each other. However, both of them definitely did not want that trend to continue! They both shared a fierce hunger to touch skin, lips, and everything in between.

They both had their own fantasies, but with certain similarities. One thing that they both agreed on, though: They both passionately desired to make love to one another, that very night if at all possible. Kristin had dreams of having a cabin for just the two of them, undressing each other by firelight. Brennan wanted to take her to the massive lake, make out and then slip into the water and skinny-dip. Both of them wanted their fantasies to happen right then and there, but they both knew that waiting for the night sky was not only more romantic, but greatly reduced the chances of being discovered by anyone!

Besides, they both knew, with the hormones that had been raging on the bus for two full hours, they were certainly not the only ones desiring privacy. However, Camp had so many great, romantic hiding places. And there were only about 100 Campers altogether, so how hard could it be to find some privacy in such a massive orgy of nature, peace, quiet, and stars?


Boy, were Brennan and Kristin sorely mistaken! It seemed like every feasible hiding place was taken as soon as the last plate was scraped from dinner. They tried the lake, the edges of the woods, the well-worn trails, and the babbling brook. Almost all of the cabins, that were originally meant for a small group of 7-8 with a mix of cots and bunk beds, were taken by couples evidently shacking up for a long first night together.

Both Brennan and Kristin were surprised at the number of girl-on-girl pairs they came across, but they weren’t shocked in the slightest. Both of them had lesbian and gay friends at their schools; in both of their opinions, gays and lesbians were just like boys and girls together. No matter the pair, they all had the same feelings, emotions, actions. No big deal to them, except Kristin and Brennan were getting frustrated! Why was this so hard?

Despite the lack of immediate privacy, Kristin and Brennan continue to talk and laugh amongst themselves. They took their time exploring the massive Camp grounds, which seemed to run on for forever in every feasible direction. They both carried strong LED flashlights, with Brennan pocketing extra batteries in the deep pockets of his cargo shorts.

Every few minutes, Kristin shone her light down on the rough map that a couple of the so-called “counselors” had drawn up for the overly-eager crowd of Campers. These weren’t your typical “counselors” with line-leading, activity-coordinating, song-singing and lights-out-proclaiming. No, these guys were just like the Campers, just as hormone-ravaged and eager to explore. They did have their eyes peeled though, just in case any emergency were to arise at any moment. They weren’t stupid, that’s for sure. There had been some injuries and close calls in years past, and they of all people didn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone, so long as they could help it.

Finally, as it seemed like Brennan and Kristin had circled the expansive lake for the fifteenth time (and it wasn’t a short loop, either), they came upon sudden silence. Only the chorus of crickets and a few lonely bullfrogs sang among the pair’s whispers.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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