Hot Topic #15: Thoughts On The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

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It’s hard to believe that the 2016 Summer Olympic Games will open in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in just two days, on August 5th.

Originally, I wasn’t super excited about this year’s Games, much less wanting to support them.

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I knew my thoughts and feelings were a direct result of watching / seeing / scrolling through the constant news coverage.

The Zika virus.

The state of Brazil – Its government, etc.

All the criticisms of Rio – Delayed construction of Olympic facilities, raw sewage, etc.


Those athletes deciding not to compete.

But, as the opening day has drawn closer, more and more commercials showcasing Olympic athletes have sprung up, everywhere, and my thoughts and feelings have shifted, ever so slightly.

I’ve always been excited to watch the gymnastics teams compete at the Summer Games. It started with my mom recording them on our VCR, and it’s continued to grow.

Over the years, I’ve grown to enjoy watching beach volleyball, softball,  swimming, diving, and a handful of other sports.

Despite all the negativity and criticism over the last several years, I’m proud to be an American and support all of the athletes who represent Team USA.

I plan to eagerly watch athletes Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Missy Franklin, and Dana Vollmer, compete for our great nation.

I know I have a bit of bias towards women, but I’m cheering for Team USA as a whole. Competing at the Olympics is symbolic of so many things, including hard work, dedication, determination, perseverance, and more.

I’m certainly not a world-class athlete, but I’m excited that so many of them are representing Team USA, as well as other countries around this little blue planet of ours.

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What’s your opinion of the 2016 Olympic Games?

Has the news coverage affected your opinion at all?

Do you plan to watch the Olympic Games?

Do you have a favorite Olympic sport?

I’d love to hear about it!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂