Getting Personal #265: November Goals Recap

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Welcome back!

Here were my goals for the month of November:

  1. Complete NaNoWriMo 2021. — Accomplished!
  2. Celebrate Grandpa’s 96th birthday! — Accomplished!
  3. Celebrate six years of marriage with Al! — Accomplished!
  4. Publish at least two Book Reviews. — Did not achieve yet.
  5. Celebrate Thanksgiving! — Accomplished!
  6. Donate more clothes and unused household items to charity. — Semi-Achieved.
  7. Clean off the dining room buffet, and keep it clean. — Semi-Achieved.
  8. Transition my wardrobe to fall/winter. — Accomplished!
  9. Continue to sell my duplicate and unused American Girl items. — Semi-Achieved.

November flew by. I hit my stride with NaNoWriMo 2021 – It was my best one ever. Look for a Recap post about that coming very soon.

We had a great birthday party for Grandpa’s 96th birthday! My mom outdid herself – Amazing food and delicious key lime cake.

Al and I had a wonderful wedding anniversary. We went to a new restaurant in Suffolk, Amedeo’s, on Sunday night. I also surprised him with a charcuterie board in the shape of a six (6) for six years the following week. It was delicious, and we had leftovers for days. Plus, I was thrilled to support a local business!

Thanksgiving was awesome. I successfully cooked my second turkey. My parents were amazing hosts. And Al’s parents met my Grandpa for the first time! One of the highlights of the day was another Zoom family reunion with several members of my dad’s extended family – Several of his cousins from all over the U.S. (California, Kentucky, Minnesota, Virginia). Can’t wait to do it again soon!

I wrote one Book Review this month: Book Review #97: “The Breach: Devon” (The Guardians Series Book One)

I’m hoping to finish reading several books soon and publish a few more reviews in December.

I’ve donated several American Girl items to charity since it’s been really hard to sell them recently. I’m hoping that I can sell a few things in December as Christmas and other holidays approach.

What about you? Did you have any goals for the month of November?

Come back tomorrow to see my December Goals!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Personal #265: November Goals Recap

  1. May I ask a silly question? American Girl, are those dolls? I thought it was a clothing company, but when I went and Googled it, they said dolls. I saw that the dolls were going into foreclosure sadly =( Don’t know how true that is, or if I’m even thinking of the “right” American girl, lol

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