Getting Personal #263: October Goals Recap

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Welcome back!

Here were my goals for the month of October:

  1. Donate blood. — Did not accomplish.
  2. Celebrate Mom’s birthday! — Accomplished!
  3. Enjoy a good friend’s bachelorette celebration. — Accomplished!
  4. Mail a long-overdue package to my university sorority sisters. — Did not accomplish yet.
  5. Complete another consignment box for Darby’s Dresses. — Accomplished!
  6. Prepare for NaNoWriMo 2021. — Accomplished!
  7. Complete the first pass review of the current version of book 3. — Semi-Achieved.
  8. Sell or donate all American Girl items that were previously set aside. — Semi-Achieved.

I wasn’t able to give blood because I had MOHS surgery a week before to get clear margins for a mole that was biopsied in July. I had 10 stitches in my back, and the Red Cross says that the stitches had to be gone before I could give. Bummer, but I’m bulking up my iron for giving in December.

My mom’s birthday celebration was delayed a bit because my grandpa fell in the bathroom a couple of days before her birthday, resulting in a day in the ER and a couple days admitted to the hospital. Nothing was broken, thank goodness, but more PT/OT at home. But, we had Mexican the following weekend, and Mom received a ton of great cards.

I had a blast at Lane’s “boo-chlerette” celebration! You can read about it from my post earlier in October.

I’m super stoked for NaNoWriMo to start TOMORROW! Yay! I’m in a much better head space to write this November than I was in 2020. Book #3, I’m coming for you!

What about you? Did you have any goals for the month of October?

Come back tomorrow to see my November Goals!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

9 thoughts on “Getting Personal #263: October Goals Recap

  1. Good luck writing!

    • Thank you so much!

      • I’m on a break from writing after Character-Greg took his December finals (and finally told Haley how he felt). Not sure how it’ll last. I did start another blog, though… haha… that one will be taking the place of most of the interlude posts I make when I take a break, and not done on any sort of schedule at all, so it’s not another commitment.

        I just got the idea earlier that maybe it’s time to dust off a previous semi-finished project and finish it for real…

      • Awesome! Oooh, I love semi-finished projects.

      • This was a nonlinear novel, called Writing To Hilary. The odd numbered chapters are flashbacks to a university student in the 90s who had a pen pal in another state, and the even numbered chapters are the same guy 20ish years later who finds Hilary’s letters while cleaning out his garage and decides to track her down and find out whatever happened to her, with a lot of parallels to some big decisions going on in his life. After the second draft, I felt like it was mostly complete, but it felt like a chapter missing in the flashbacks (I forget what it was, though) and another one in the present (where the character has a job interview).

        But I started working on DLTDGB a few months after that and didn’t follow through with this at all. The only problem is that most of the characters and many of the side plots were drawn from the same inspiration as DLTDGB. Running away in the middle of the night and having his friends pray for him, the game of sardines in the Death Star building, and the conversation about the Jesus bridge diagram all appeared in this story too. And I’m not sure if I could make the necessary changes to make it feel like a different story. (I never used the Hilary subplot from my past in DLTDGB, because I didn’t want to be any more repetitive than was necessary.) So we’ll see…

      • I love the idea and premise!

      • Thank you! I know you’re busy, so no offense if you don’t have time, but I’d be willing to let you read the most recent working draft if you want.

      • I would love to, in December. I’ll send you an email.

      • No hurry 🙂

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