Getting Personal #230: November Goals Recap

Welcome back!

Here were my goals for the month of November:

  1. Publish the post about my July Camp NaNoWriMo session. — Did not accomplish.
  2. Celebrate Grandpa’s birthday! — Accomplished!
  3. Celebrate our wedding anniversary! — Accomplished!
  4. Publish at least two Book Reviews. — Did not accomplish.
  5. Create a solid, stickable schedule for blogging, housework, and downtime. — Accomplished!
  6. Put away all the clean laundry. — Did not accomplish
  7. Make at least one thrift store donation run. — Did not accomplish.
  8. Celebrate Thanksgiving! — Accomplished!
  9. Clean off the couch in my office. — Did not accomplish.
  10. Complete my American Girl re-organization project with my blue storage cubes. — Accomplished!
  11. Send my completed second draft of my novel to my readers. — Did not accomplish.

November was decent. Lots of celebrations, albeit different because of COVID. I had a couple days off from work, and that was nice and helpful.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting Personal #230: November Goals Recap

  1. You’re no slouch. If I made such a list, there would be a lot of “did not accomplish”. I would probably have written “attempted” even though the attempt was only in my mind.

    • Thank you! Your comment made me smile. My version of “attempted” is called Semi-Achieved, and I use it when it’s appropriate! I feel you about attempts in the mind. It’s the thought that counts sometimes.

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