Getting Personal #225: October Goals

Image Credit: Centre for Collaborative Health

Hello, October! I’m loving the cooler weather. Fall is on its way.

Here are my goals for the month of October:

  1. Donate blood.
  2. Celebrate Mom’s birthday!
  3. Publish a post about my July Camp NaNoWriMo session.
  4. Keep up with my pen pals!
  5. Put away all the clean laundry.
  6. Go through my fall/winter clothes.
  7. Designate what clothes to donate.
  8. Publish my regular TBR Recap post.
  9. Continue work on the filing system.
  10. Clean off the couch in my office.
  11. Complete my American Girl re-organization project with my blue storage cubes.
  12. Prepare for NaNoWriMo 2020.
  13. Help my former professor by reviewing and giving feedback on her book.
  14. Send my completed second draft of my novel to my readers.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the month of October?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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