Getting Personal #219: August Goals

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Welcome back!

Here are my goals for the month of August:

  1. Donate blood.
  2. Celebrate my birthday!
  3. Finish the book I’m currently reading, and publish the review.
  4. Get the photos and other wall hanging items off the floor in my office and get them on the walls.
  5. Make at least one thrift store donation run.
  6. Start the second round of editing for my first novel – Translate my handwritten notes from April’s Camp NaNoWriMo session into my computer.
  7. Get my P.E.O. President materials organized.
  8. Write a blog post about my July Camp NaNoWriMo session.
  9. Put away all the clean laundry.
  10. Commit to putting away clean laundry in a more organized, efficient manner.
  11. Participate in a fun pet portrait session that was a giveaway win.
  12. Finish re-organizing the filing system.
  13. Finish de-cluttering the dining room buffet.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the month of August?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

24 thoughts on “Getting Personal #219: August Goals

  1. Yes, donate blood! Always a good thing to do. My birthday is on the 29th too.

  2. I’m an August birthday too… what day?

    • Sweet! Mine is the 7th.

      • I’m the 15th. Off the top of my head, I can think of two people I know now with your birthday, and I think one of them might be the exact same age as you, from what I remember about how old you are. (I refer to unrelated people who were born on the exact same day as “Wanda Twins,” after an annoying lady on Survivor years ago named Wanda who was the first one to leave the show; I found out during that season that Wanda was born on the exact same day and year as my mother.)

      • That’s awesome! I’m turning 32. There are four people plus me who were born on the 7th in consecutive years (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991).

      • That’s what I thought… the guy I was thinking of would also be turning 32 this year. And I know (or used to know, I don’t hear from her much anymore) someone else turning, um, 27 on August 7, so you can add 1993 to your list. Now we just need to find someone born on August 7, 1992… haha.

        Taylor’s birthday is 9/8/76; I always thought that was a cool birthday, because it’s like counting backward. A girl who will appear later in my blog has the birthday 10/20/80; I always thought that had a nice rhythm to it, like counting by 10s. (The interesting part of my story regarding her actually happened in early 2000; if I decide not to write that far, I’m going to pretend like that happened in 1999, but I haven’t figured out if that would also involve pretending that she is a year older.) And an older couple at my old church whom I’m still in contact with sometimes calls their daughter their Square Root Baby, because she was born 9/9/81.

      • Wow! I’m on a quest for 1992 now. Thanks! If I had been born a day later, mine would have been 8/8/88.

        I like Taylor’s birthday! That’s cool. And the Square Root Baby rocks! My husband’s family has something unique – My husband turned 35, his aunt and uncle (fraternal twins) turned 65, his other uncle turned 75, and his grandma would have turned 95.

      • I’ve noticed that before with my other friend that he was almost 8/8/88. I think I told you before about a pen pal I had freshman and sophomore year at UJ, and I cut that out of my blog because I wrote a novel about her before… she was 8/8/78. That’s basically your birthday backward. And I’ve also known two 8/5/88s, two days older than you… one of them, we dated off and on, or more accurately I was her Flavor of the Month for two separate nonconsecutive months, and it did not end well.

        Similar to your family story, in 2011, I turned 35, my girlfriend at the time turned 30 (8/19/81), and one of our mutual friends turned 25 (8/11/86) within a few days of each other, so we had a combined birthday party; on the Facebook invitation, she called it “Party like a Leo.” I’ve often told people that I don’t believe in astrology except that Leos should not get romantically involved with other Leos. I’ve really only had five real relationships, but three of them were with Leos (the two I mentioned here plus one more in my early 30s), and they were exactly the ones that ended badly. In light of what I’m planning for the next episode of DLTDGB (I posted one a few hours ago, by the way), it should be pointed out that I have mentioned at least twice that Megan is a year and three days older than me, which would make her a Leo also (but without any interesting number patterns in her birthday, 8/12/75).

      • Numbers and birthdays are cool!

        I agree with you about not dating other Leo’s. I think my first true boyfriend, Daniel, was a Leo. His birthday is sometime in July, so he’s at least a borderline Leo. I also “dated” Trevor in elementary school, he’s the 1989 birthday twin. My best friend, Melissa, and I, legitimately fought over him and another boy, Kurtis. It’s comical now, but we were super serious as fifth-grade girls!

      • At least your immature reationship experiences happened when you were young… mine were in my 30s :\

      • Womp womp. You’re not alone, though. Several of my friends are just now settling down in their early to mid-30s. I was fortunate.

      • I know…

  3. Happy birthday 🧁🧁


    I tried to give blood yesterday. I got deferred. My blood pressure was too low. Like… lower than I’ve ever seen it. 😥

    I just wish they’d checked it before they pricked my finger! That’s the part that hurts the worst, IMO.

    • I’m so sorry! That’s really strange about your blood pressure. I hate the finger prick! They hit the nerve endings every time!

      I was eligible to give yesterday, my iron was 14.0! My problem was my blood started clotting before I could fill the bag. I nearly cried. They can’t use it if it’s not a filled bag.

      • UGH! I’m so sorry you started clotting and messed up your donation. That must have been even worse, since you’d already started donating. 😥

        The third time someone came by to take my BP, I said to her, “Hi, apparently I’m dead!” My BP was 80/60! Luckily, they said I can donate anytime after 8/1, and my BP isn’t… y’know… that of a dead person. LOL

      • I was so sad. It’s happened once before, a year or two ago. This was worse, because I was so close to finishing, like 12 grams away. My vein just wouldn’t give anymore. My dad came over and started squeezing my feet to see if that would work, more to make me feel better. Al was successful with his pint, so yay! We collected 68 units total.

        Wow, that is low! You must have been super chilled out. Mine’s been as low as 90-something. But it’s normally elevated, probably because of my energy level and anxiety.

      • I know you’re not supposed to take any aspirin before giving blood, but maybe you could take a Tylenol in the future? Just make the blood a wee bit thinner?

        Yay! I’m glad that Al was successful. I know how bad I felt when I was deferred, so I can really empathize with how you felt.

        I’m pretty sure I have a weird, opposite reaction to doctors and medical stuff than most people. I go to the doctor, or have a procedure, my BP is loooooow. LOL

      • That’s an idea. I took a generic version of NyQuil on Friday night to ease a sinus headache, so I wonder.


  5. These are some nice goals! I like the one about donating blood 🙂 – good luck in meeting all these goals!

    • Thank you! Donating blood is a big deal in my family. We all do it – Four generations, maybe five now. My dad and I also coordinate blood drives at our church, so it makes it really easy to give on a regular basis.

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