Tag #92: Spring Cleaning Book Tag

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Thanks, Jenna, for tagging me! I haven’t done a tag in forever.

Here’s Jenna’s post, where I was originally tagged: Spring Cleaning Book Tag

The Creator & the Rules

The creators of this tag is Amanda @ Between the Shelves! The rules are …

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↠ Tag as many friends as you want.
↠ Have fun!

One. Getting started: A book series you’ve been wanting to read

The Alpha Drive trilogy, Kristen Martin. I adore Kristen! I started listening to her podcast, That Smart Hustle, a couple years ago. I’ve listened to almost every episode. I read the first three chapters of Alpha Drive on Wattpad recently, and I’m hooked.

Two. Cleaning/organizing the closet: The best way to organize books

If I have multiple books by the same author, I organize it chronologically by release date. Otherwise, I categorize them by size.

Three. Getting rid of unnecessary things: Book/series you no longer need

I just donated about 5-6 books in my last thrift store drop-off. Most of them were one-time-read books that I don’t want to read again or were taking up space.

Four. Get some air: Your favorite light-hearted read

If I need a pick-me-up, I reach for something from American Girl. The entire top shelf of my bookcase is dedicated to these books!

Five. Clean out the kitchen cupboards: Favorite food-themed read

Because I feel like being literal, the first book that came to mind was The Hunger Games.

Six. Dust the shelves: What’s the fifth book on your bookshelf?

I have five shelves on my bookcase.

Shelf 1: Secrets on 26th Street (American Girl History Mysteries)

Shelf 2: All The Missing Girls, Megan Miranda

Shelf 3: The Journal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy (My Name is America)

Shelf 4: Finale, Thomas Mallon

Shelf 5: Where The Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein

Seven. Wishing for the end: A 2020 release you’re really excited about

The Best Laid Plans looks adorable!

Eight. Long but satisfying: The longest book series you’ve read

Like Jenna, it’s Harry Potter. I’m currently re-reading the series, the first time I’ve done so since I finished The Deathly Hallows in 2007.

Tag! You’re It! (No obligation to participate)

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

22 thoughts on “Tag #92: Spring Cleaning Book Tag

  1. I admire your addiction to books lol! I’m intrigued that someone has such patience to sit and read. I certainly don’t lol.

    • Haha! I’ve always loved reading. I would stay up all night sometimes as a kid, especially when some of the later Harry Potter books were released. Now, I’m lucky if I last an hour on a weeknight before bed. But I do enjoy reading on the weekends for longer stretches.

  2. Thanks for tagging me!

  3. I rarely get rid of books… actually I don’t think I ever have Many of the books I have I like to think I might read again someday. Do I ever? Occasionally. (I’ve read Harry Potter at least three times all the way through, maybe four. And I read Ready Player One I think four or five times before the movie came out and once more after. The movie was good, but the book was so much better.)

    • Nice! I want to re-read Harry Potter a few more times. My husband just finished Ready Player One, and I’m itching to read his copy. That’s what I keep hearing about the movie and the book. We loved the movie – We’ve seen it several times. He just started reading Armada.

      • I haven’t read Armada. I want to. It’s been so hard to find time to read the last few years. I’ve had a lot going on in real life.

        When I heard they were turning RP1 into a movie, my fear was that they would keep the same main characters and very basic premise and write an entirely new story. That’s kind of what happened, but they did keep just enough of the spirit of the book to make the movie enjoyable to me. The major difference is that the puzzles that Wade/Parzival and the others have to solve in the book are a bit more complex with a lot more references to old games, movies, and music (of course, some of those things they couldn’t get the rights to for the movie). Also, one of the major plot twists in the movie happens much later in the book, to the point that a friend of mine who was reading the book wasn’t finished with the book when something he read about the movie ended up spoiling that part of the book.

      • I’ve noticed my reading time has diminished as well. There are so many people I know that struggle to read as well. It’s taken me several months to get through one book! I realize part of it is being an adult, but another part is simple distraction and prevalence of devices (social media, games, etc.)

        I don’t think you were alone in your fear. My husband echoed the same sentiments as you – The puzzles are different and more complex. I hate spoilers like that! It’s been a while since I last saw the movies – I think we watched it with Al’s dad over one of the holidays last year, so I’m excited to read the book. Hopefully soon.

      • I watched the RP1 movie again with my mom when she came to visit two months ago. (The purpose of the visit was to come to a basketball game with me, the NBA announced that afternoon that they were shutting down the next day, and then as our game was about to tip off they announced that it wouldn’t be played. Ugh.) She read the book several years ago, but didn’t remember the book well enough to be picky about the movie. That’s another good situation to be in for book-movie conversions. I remember when The Green Mile movie came out, I hadn’t read the books since I got them, which was maybe four or five years earlier, so I remembered the story well enough but not so well that I felt disappointed at the changes. (If I remember right, though, there was only one major scene that was cut out, and with the movie already three hours long they did the best they could.)

      • That sucks about the ball game!

        I remember seeing the trailer for The Green Mile and freaking out. I saw it for the first time several years later. I was around 11 when it was released. It’s a really good book (King is an awesome writer), and the movie is good as well.

      • This is the second time in three years that Mom came up for a game and wasn’t able to go. In 2018 the entrance was blocked by Black Lives Matter protesters. That time, we went home and watched a DVD of Beavis and Butthead instead. (I told that to someone who said incredulously, “Your mom watched Beavis and Butthead?” I said yeah, it was a teenage boy show and Mom had teenage boys during the time it was on, so it brought back memories for her.)

      • Yeesh! That’s crazy. My mother-in-law only had boys as well, so she understands!

  4. This was such a fun post! I loved reading all your answers! 😉

  5. I’m glad you did this! And I’m glad I’m not the only one you had to list from multiple shelves haha!

  6. I organize my shelves the same way! Books by the same author all go together, but otherwise its by size and if they are hardcover or paperback!

  7. Thank you for the tag!!

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