Getting Personal #207: Hope in Disaster Writing Contest

Image Credit: Charis Rae

I adore Charis Rae!

Here’s the link to her post, and how to enter the contest: Enter the Hope in Disaster Writing Contest.

Submissions are open now, through May 23.

Please note the age range. Charis Rae’s contest is open to ages 13-25.

If you’re outside that age range, like me, you can enter Bella Putt’s contest. Check out her post and guidelines here: I’m Co-Hosting A Short Story Contest. The submission deadline is the same – May 23.

Good luck to all who enter!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Personal #207: Hope in Disaster Writing Contest

  1. Hmm… intriguing… I’m not sure I’ll have time to write a story, but if I think of anything I may have to do this. (I don’t want to be more competition for you, though… haha)

    • Do it! I don’t see you as competition. This is the reason I shared it – To inspire other to enter!

      • The deciding factor will be time… I’m still working, and I’m really busy all the time because I don’t always use my time wisely when I’m stressed and anxious and upset. And I haven’t really had any good story ideas lately other than stuff to use for DLTDGB, but if one comes, and I have time, I’ll consider it.

        That reminds me, I’ve thought a lot about what to do when my story gets to December 31, 1999, since that will be the end of the 90s and the last few months of 1999 make kind of a good wrapping up point since it was a big transition in my life. I could always extend the story to July 2001, when I moved away from Jeromeville, but I’m leaning against that (and some of the more noteworthy things that happened to me in 2000 and 2001 I can probably fudge enough details and write about them as if they happened in 1999 or earlier). I’ll probably write a few epilogue type stories set in 2000 or later to tie up loose ends. And I might attempt to do a series of stories where I retell some of the key events of the main DLTDGB story from other characters’ first person perspectives. Of course, those would be less real from my end since I don’t know what those other people were thinking, but it seems like it would be an interesting mental exercise. If I do that, I’m definitely going to do the story of the time my friends woke me up and I got upset and ran out of the building from the perspective of one of the friends who woke me up (probably Sarah, the one I almost hit with the box). And a few episodes from now, there will be an episode about the first time I saw Megan after I got back to Jeromeville for sophomore year. The Megan subplot is going to come to a resolution in the middle of sophomore year, and given how that turned out, I think writing about the time I hung out with Megan at the beginning of sophomore year from Megan’s perspective will make an interesting story.

      • I hear you about the stressful and anxious times! I’m excited for you.

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