Getting Personal #187: My Skin & Makeup Routines (Part 6)

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It’s been well over a year since I published a skin and makeup routine post!!

Here are the links to my other posts:


I decided a few months ago to switch back to LUSH products, and Bath & Body Works. I finally decided I wasn’t happy with the cost of the Rodan + Fields products, among other things. More to come on that with a different blog post, very soon.

  • Ocean Salt (face and body scrub)
  • Angels on Bare Skin (face and body cleanser)
  • Magic Crystals (shower scrub)
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint (body wash and foam bath)
  • Eau Roma Water (toner)
  • Imperialis (moisturizer)
  • D’Fluff (shaving soap)


  • I Love Juicy (shampoo)
  • American Cream (conditioner)


I threw out all my old products, including everything from Mary Kay and Savvy Minerals by Young Living.

I’m happy with my LUSH and drugstore products at this point. At the moment, I only use liquid eyeliner and mascara. However, I plan to use a Target gift card on some new blush and a few eyeshadow palettes soon.

What about you?

Do you have a certain skin routine? What about makeup?

Have you tried any homemade recipes related to skin or makeup?

Check back in a few months – I’ll likely have another update post to share!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

24 thoughts on “Getting Personal #187: My Skin & Makeup Routines (Part 6)

  1. Ya don’t need none of it! 😝

  2. Anything with enough propaganda to convince me it’ll halt the wrinkles! But love Lush.

  3. I LOVE lush! It’s all homemade and no chemicals! Win Win. I have a tee tree oil shampoo & conditioner I love that helps keep my natural curls bouncy & from being weighed down by my hairs thickness, but after this bottle is finished I am thinking about switching to bar shampoo & conditioner to save on plastic waste. I haven’t heard much about them, but I figured it’s worth a try, and if it makes my hair oily, I can always go back to my go-to’s. I make my own sugar scrubs for my hands, feet, and elbows, which become so dry in the winter they crack and bleed. It’s simply just sugar, Dawn’s soft hands & some peppermint oil. It works wonders, and since I use a whole bottle of Dawn it lasts me all winter long. In the summer I can get away with just a pumice stone and some cocoa butter. 🙂

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