Writing Prompt #239: August WIP Writing Challenge BIRTHDAY BASH

August WIP Writing Challenge Birthday Bash

Image Credit: Didi Oviatt

I love Didi’s WIP writing challenges!

Here’s the link to her August challenge:

Hunter was feeling low. He really didn’t like birthdays.

As he wallowed, his phone buzzed.

Happy Birthday!

Hunter managed a small smile. Bethany was so kind. And, unfortunately, Hunter had the hots for her.

As he composed his reply, more texts came in. Hunter’s heart rose out of his stomach, ever so slightly.

People really do care, he thought.

I do have friends.

Then, a puzzling text from Lizzie came in.

Hey baby, wanna meet me at the arcade tonight? It’s half-price!

Hunter shook his head. He loved how Lizzie tried, but sometimes, she tried too hard. And she knew full well how much he hated his birthday. But, she wanted to pull him out of his misery, in whatever way she felt like could work.

Hunter smiled slightly, contemplating his response.

From Lizzie: Baby? Are you okay?

From Belle: Happy Birthday, Hunter! Hope you’re doing something fun tonight!

From Bill: Enjoy your birthday, dude! Can’t wait to celebrate soon!

Irritated, Hunter nearly threw his phone against the wall. That’s how the last two got broken.

He thought better of it. Pacing the room, he only texted Lizzie back.

Sure, sweetie. The arcade sounds like fun. What time?

Lizzie responded within seconds.

6:00. And don’t be late! 

Hunter drove the 10 miles to the arcade, lost in the music. He smiled a bit wider, excited to see Lizzie.

At 6:02, he walked into the arcade. Lizzie greeted him with a long kiss, a flick of the tongue, and then she took his hand and rounded the corner.

“SURPRISE!! Happy Birthday, Hunter!”

Hunter’s eyes went wide, and then filled with tears. Everyone was there – Lizzie, Bethany, Will, Belle, Bill, Robert, Adam, and a few others.

“I’m definitely surprised. Thank you.”

A man of few words, Hunter felt his heart lift higher. He hugged Lizzie tightly, whispered his thanks, and was simply overwhelmed.

As Bill raised the toast of soft drinks to another trip around the sun, Hunter’s smile grew wider.

“Well, friends, this is the first birthday where I haven’t felt miserable. Thank you, Lizzie. Thanks, everyone. Now, let’s shut up and play some games!”

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

23 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #239: August WIP Writing Challenge BIRTHDAY BASH

  1. Wow, so sweet!! Haha happy belated birthday! My birthday was July 31st, the day I moved out of my house in Japan. Its been a big change, hope your day was fun and exciting too!

    • Thank you! Happy Birthday to you as well. Sounds like it was busy! I had a wonderful day. Turning 31 felt great. I took the day off from work, had lunch with my husband, shopped, and then had a party at a fun barcade with food, drinks, bowling, and games!

      • Wow! So lovely! That sounds like a great birthday. I did get great food, as after I moved out, my new replacement for my job arrived and we took them out to dinner. Many of my friends gave me delicious Japanese dessert all week, so it wasn’t lacking 🙂 its good to be back and writing though. I missed it a lot!

      • Thank you! Dinner out sounds wonderful, and delicious Japanese dessert sounds amazing! I hear you – Writing feels great! I’m glad you’re back at it. I’ve enjoyed your blog so far.

      • Really!? Thats great to hear! I’m so glad! Thank you so much for reading our story and staying with me, despite the long pause between posts! Its great to share!

      • I found you through Didi. Of course! I love supporting other bloggers and writers. You’re welcome!

      • Same! Sidi’s blog is awesome! I have much to thank her for; all the new readers and publicity! And the great writing challenges. I think they’ve improved my writing!

      • I agree! Didi is such a cheerleader. And a great writer! I also think the writing challenges have helped my writing. I’m excited to write something brand-new for NaNoWriMo in November.

      • I look forward to it! I love nanowrimo for that! Best of luck!

      • Thank you!

      • That was such a fun read! I’m torn between Michael & Cara or Jared & Angela for this one. I know Didi probably wants Michael. 🤣🤣

      • Thank you! Hehe. I like Michael, too. But I’m loving Jared & Angela!

  2. I really like how simple and straightforward this story was. And I loved that last line. Great job! 😀

  3. Oh, and it’s a surprise party!! I love it!!

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