Writing Prompt #191: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 25)

30 Day Disney Challenge

Image Credit: Meerkat Musings

Day 25 – Your favorite scene from your favorite movie

“Falling With Style” scene from Toy Story (1995)

Image result for toy story 1 falling with style

This is the result of one of the most tense moments / scenes in Toy Story. It looks like Woody and Buzz will be lost forever, as the moving van with the rest of the toys gets further and further away. But, Buzz remembers the rocket on his back. Will the rocket explode, and them along with it?

Buzz becomes the hero, in Woody’s eyes. They fly and soar across the sky, hoping to at least catch up to the moving van, let alone Andy’s car.

It’s such a nail-biter of a scene, but also a triumph. Toys can fly! Or, rather, “fall with style.”

Come back tomorrow for a new post!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #191: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 25)

  1. My son just dressed up as Woody for Disney on Ice! Adorable 😍

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