Writing Prompt #190: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 24)

30 Day Disney Challenge

Image Credit: Meerkat Musings

Day 24 – A movie that makes you cry

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Image result for big hero 6 official poster

Image result for big hero 6 official poster

Image result for big hero 6

This was a good movie, but it had so many emotions packed into it. I won’t spoil it here, but let’s just say I cried more than once while watching it in the theater. It’s one of those movies where I need to be in a certain mood to watch. It’s one of the most unique Disney movies. It’s also more emotional than I think people expected. The original impression, for many, is this is a futuristic movie with robots and technology, but there’s also a significant human element.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #190: “30 Day Disney Challenge” (Day 24)

  1. I haven’t watched this one yet. I need to.

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