Writing Prompt #132: LB and K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 12


Welcome back!

Day 12 – Your top 5 favorite actresses?

In no particular order:

  1. Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman. Say no more!
  2. Sandra Bullock – Like Tom Hanks, I’ve seen nearly every movie that she’s starred in, and several of them I’ve watched multiple times.
  3. Laura Dern – I loved her in Jurassic Park and October Sky.
  4. Melissa McCarthy – She’s hilarious! I loved her in Bridesmaids, Spy, and Ghostbusters.
  5. Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favorite movies!

What about you? What are your top 5 favorite actresses?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #132: LB and K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 12

  1. Ooooo…let’s see…

    1. Saoirse Ronan (she’s just epic)
    2. Meryl Streep (…mini crush)
    3. Kate Winslet (“The Holiday” and “Titanic” and like SO MUCH MORE).
    4. Whoopi Goldberg (when she did films, like “Corrina, Corrina” and “Ghost”…don’t really watch her on The View)
    5. Rachel Weisz (THE MUMMY)

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