Writing Prompt #131: LB and K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 11


Welcome back!

Day 11 – Your top 5 favorite actors?

In no particular order:

  1. Tom Hanks – I’ve watched nearly every movie that he’s starred in. And, some of them I can watch over and over.
  2. Robin Williams – One of the best actors ever to grace our presence. May he Rest in Peace.
  3. Tom Cruise – I love the Mission: Impossible series / franchise!
  4. Sean Connery – I love his accent, and he’s my favorite James Bond.
  5. Nathan Fillion – Al and his mom tease me every time he’s on screen that I need a fan or something to cool off. I can’t help it – I love his face, and voice.

What about you? What are your top 5 favorite actors?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #131: LB and K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Day 11

  1. Oh man, I totally agree with yours – but I do have a few tweaks! Though I appreciate Tom Cruise since he does his own stunts, he doesn’t quite cut it for me. And I love Sean Connery and Nathan Fillion, but I have others that just SLIGHTLY go more above and beyond ha-ha.

    So mine are…
    1. Tom Hanks (obviously)
    2. Robin Williams (obviously again)
    3. Meryl Streep (LOVE HER)
    4. Leonardo DiCaprio (mini crush…just sayin’)
    5. A tie between Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman

    There are other loves (i.e. Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen, etc.)…but those top ones I find are just so unique and above the average.

  2. Oops! This is male actors!! So removing Meryl Streep so I can have both Michael Caine AND Morgan Freeman ❤

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