Getting Personal #110: Loving LuLaRoe

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I had heard about LuLaRoe for a while, but I didn’t start buying for myself until last summer. Several friends of mine were buying it and loving it, so I decided to check it out for myself. I love it! Everything I own is super comfortable. Plus, I’ve started wearing more skirts and dresses!

With that said, I do not intend to become a consultant. I just love what I’ve bought.

Here are just a few photos of what I’ve bought, LOL. Amazingly, this doesn’t reflect everything that I’ve purchased. But, you can see the progression of the last year, in a way. I cut my hair last fall, and I’m so happy that I did – Haha!

Summer 2017 – This is my striped Julia. I wasn’t so sure about the size at first, but I love it.

My Tall & Curvy (TC) Kermit leggings. I’m wearing them today for St. Patrick’s Day!

At first, I mistakenly thought the L/XL size was for adults! Whoops. These are kids’ leggings. But, they’re cute! And my new Carly dress is the exact same pattern.

My One Size (OS) Kermit leggings. So comfy!

This is the first Nicole dress I bought. It’s perfect for the chillier months – It’s almost a quilted fabric!

This is a Gigi top. I love the pattern, and it fits so well. It’s perfect with jeans.

Jenna Stamps, a consultant from Georgia, did a Personal Styling Session on Facebook for me late last year. This combo of the green Lynnae top, coral Cassie skirt, and multi-colored Joy vest is one of my all-time favorite outfits.

This was my first Lola skirt. I love how versatile these clothes can be – The cardigan and tank top in this photo are both from Old Navy.

This is the Randy. It’s a super comfy baseball tee. I love the flowers!

A Gigi top and Lola skirt!

This is my first Sarah sweater – It’s like a duster. It’s super soft – Think ribbed sweatshirt material.

My most recent Lynnae top.

My yellow Gigi, and first Maxi skirt!

I’m totally in love with this Kermit Carly. I love the high-low hem. It may be my favorite in my closet!

I’ve been able to try most of the items that LuLaRoe offers.The only item that I don’t particularly like is the Irma top – All of them have felt gigantic on me.

Not pictured – I also have two Amelia dresses, a second Nicole, a second Carly, several Azure skirts, two Madison skirts, a pair of Jordan workout leggings, and several different Perfect Tees and Classic Tees.

I’m convinced LuLaRoe is taking over my closet, one piece at a time. However, I’ve been able to mix and match pieces that I already own, multiple brand names, and make it all work. I’m also glad I recently scored a pair of solid black TC leggings – They were warmer than I expected, and I was so comfortable all day yesterday with my Kermit Carly.

Plus, everything is easy to wash and take care of – Super simple!

I’m fortunate that I’ve been connected with several different consultants, some in the area, some not. Brittany Beyer is awesome – She lives in Williamsburg!

I have a link to Brittany’s LuLaRoe group on Facebook below. She’s super fun, energetic, and loves these clothes. I need to meet her in person at some point!

What about you? Have you heard of LuLaRoe? Do you own any?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

12 thoughts on “Getting Personal #110: Loving LuLaRoe

  1. I’ve never heard of LuLaRoe before but I loved these designs, especially the Nicole dress! And you look great in all of them too 🙂

  2. How is the sizing?

    I like him. I had a tiny Kermit I carried around as a kid.
    Thanks for posting, nice site aesthetic!

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