Tag #37: The “Me in Book Characters” Tag

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I was tagged by the amazing Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts. Thanks for thinking of me, Jenna!

Here’s the link to the post where I was tagged:

The Rules:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag (Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books).
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List five book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

My Five Book Characters (in no particular order):

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

How could I not pick Hermione? I’ve been a fan of her character since first reading the books in elementary school. Then, I absolutely fell in love with Emma Watson’s portrayal of her in the movies. She’s smart, bookish, clever, and cheeky. She keeps the boys in line, too.

Molly McIntire – American Girl

I easily identified with Molly when I first read her books in elementary school. She loves adventure, reading, spending time with her friends, down to struggling with math! Her father is in the military, like I was.

Matilda - Target

Image Credit: Target

Matilda Wormwood – Matilda

I loved Matilda’s personality from the beginning. She loves school and learning, and learning as often as possible.

Jo March

Image Credit: Shoomp

Jo March – Little Women

I had to read Little Women for a project in my English class during my freshman year of high school. I had trouble with Louisa May Alcott’s writing style at first, but I found myself loving Jo. She’s a bookworm, a geek, and passionate. She also loves writing. I want to re-read the book soon!

Karen - Scholastic

Image Credit: Scholastic

Karen – The Baby-sitters Little Sister series

Karen is the blonde girl in the image above. As I mentioned in my recent Awesome Authors post about Ann M. Martin, I found myself devouring all the Little Sister books in my libraries. I really identified with Karen – She went through a lot as an eight-year-old! She got glasses earlier than I did (I started in sixth grade), but she was teased like I was. She loves making mischief, playing outside, and reading. She has so many adventures with her family and friends. As an only child, there were many times that Karen felt like a friend!

That’s all! Are there book characters that are like you?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tag #37: The “Me in Book Characters” Tag

  1. Awesome character choices! I can’t believe I forgot to put Matilda! I relate to her on so many levels!! Oh well, but I also feel you with connecting with Matilda. There’s also a part of me who identified with Hermione, though she’s much more studious than I ever was. I loved school…but I definitely wasn’t as dedicated as her ha-ha!

    Thank you for the compliments – you’re such a sweetheart! ❤

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