Getting Personal #43: “For Anyone Considering Suicide, From Those That Have Been There” (Reblogged)

I love Carla’s blog. She writes about so many important issues!

This is such a powerful video. The Mighty is a wonderful site!

I love her idea of writing letters to those with depression, thinking of suicide, or struggling with a debilitating illness. Since she lives in Australia, she will be starting with just Australia (Postage is very expensive to go outside of the country!)

With that, since I love sending cards and letters, I would like to do a similar effort in the U.S.

Especially since I considered suicide once. It was the fall of 2008. So much was going on in my life, it was starting to become too much – My first grandparent had passed away, I wanted to leave Longwood and come home, I was having problems with my long-term boyfriend, he was using a few friends to aggravate me and feel even lousier.

If you would like to receive a card or letter, or you know someone who could use a little bit of encouragement and love, please contact me through the links below:

Thank you, Carla, for sharing!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting Personal #43: “For Anyone Considering Suicide, From Those That Have Been There” (Reblogged)

  1. I was thinking of doing this same thing (extending Carla’s offer to U.S.-based people). I’m terrified of saying the wrong thing, though.

    That said, I wish you nothing but the best & I think you’re doing a wonderful mitzvah (good deed) for people who are struggling. ❤

    • I have the same feeling, so you’re not alone. I watched the video, and I like those suggestions. I’m going to start there and see what happens.

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words ❤

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