Writing Wednesdays #13

Image Credit: ascendcustomextrusions.com

Image Credit: ascendcustomextrusions.com

This is the final installment of “Specialton.”

Posting my novels on the blog over the last several months has inspired me to start the editing process! I now have an outline of how I want all three of my novels to end 🙂 I look forward to embarking on this process, one day at a time.

My overall goal is to edit these novels, one at a time, from now until November, when I start writing a new one for NaNoWriMo 2014. I already have the main idea for that!

This is not the end of Writing Wednesdays, I promise! Remember when I posted excerpts of my 2014 novel, “Discussion of Differences,” on the Saturdays in November? Starting next week, I’ll be posting installments of that novel!

Until next week, enjoy the finale of “Specialton.”

Since she was covered in his semen, the only logical place to go next was the shower. They stepped in together and had another romp as they attempted to get clean. She kneeled on the floor as John rubbed his member in and out of her breasts. Evelyn then rubbed the semen all over her in delight, with the water washing it away. Finally, John’s body had had it, so he merely watched as Evelyn sat down in the tub, spread-eagle. She pleasured her clitoris with her fingers, starting with one finger and then moving up to two, where they slid in and out of her vagina. She kept at it until she exploded in orgasm, complete with several screams of pleasure and a full body shudder. Exhausted, John helped her up, dried themselves off, and they stumbled back to the bedroom to fall asleep in each other’s nakedness.

Two weeks later was the groundbreaking ceremony. It seemed like the entire town and the two neighboring towns showed up, along with all of the news media around. The JLA team flanked the mayor as they broke ground with their golden shovels. Flashbulbs popped and cameras rolled as John was interviewed for three local papers and the major TV station for four counties. The mayor hailed the groundbreaking as “innovative” and “a long time coming.” Evelyn could only smile as her fiancé finished his interviews like a champ, then immediately turned around and kissed her for all the world to see, complete with a dip. Everyone oohed, with the men puffing up their chests and almost all of the women swooning, wishing that their men did that with them in public, much less in front of rolling cameras. Evelyn felt like she was on top of the world.

Those feelings were soon dashed, however. She didn’t end up back in the hospital by the grace of God, but all the activity drained her of every bit of energy she’d gained back. The doctor ordered strict bed rest for at least a week until she went in for another check-up. Nothing was wrong with the baby so far as anyone could tell; she was progressing with the pregnancy properly. Both she and John were frustrated, but there was nothing anyone could do. Doctor’s orders were important to follow. It just meant more work and more stress on the rest of the team.

When she could, Evelyn would call in to the office for updates and throwing out ideas. Now that the groundbreaking ceremony was a week in the past, the pressure was on to have the first house built and furnished within a few months; six, at the most. The design was finished, so construction started almost immediately. But with construction came the pressure to continue designing and getting ready once the first house was done. This train had left the station and there was no stopping it unless there was a major emergency.

Fortunately the JLA team was extremely efficient, and the first home, designed to be a model for the rest of the neighborhood, was taking shape very quickly. The major construction was finished a month after the groundbreaking, and the designs for the next three houses were well underway. The train was chugging along with the county in terms of their services as well, with the first asphalt laid right after the foundation had been set.

Evelyn, however, was miserable. The baby was keeping her at home nearly four days a week, and weekends were devoted to sleeping and storing what energy she could. John was miserable for her, it was not fun seeing her upset and irritable. She did her best not to take it out on him, of all people, but one night it all boiled over.

“John, I wish I had the energy, but I just don’t!”

“I realize that, but I can’t do everything! I’m exhausted, too!”

“The doctor said at my last appointment that rest is the best for me and the baby. Don’t you understand that?”

“I do, really I do. It’s just frustrating, because I thought this would have passed by now.”

“Don’t you think I want that too? I’ve missed being at the office. I’ve missed my work. I’ve missed being with you. I want to get this baby out of me so I can go back to normal. If you’re frustrated, then I’m doubly so!”

She huffed out of the room, as best she could with a watermelon in her mid-section, in an attempt to cool off. She tried not to slam the bedroom door, but she did, to prove her point.

John stewed on the couch, trying to figure out what to do, where to go. He couldn’t leave, although he was sorely tempted. He wanted nothing more than to slam the front door and storm off in the car, to drive somewhere, anywhere. But, he knew Evelyn would be angrier at that, and that she’d worry until he returned.

An hour later, Evelyn opened the bedroom door a crack and peered out. The lights were still on, and she thought she heard the blare of the TV in the living room. She sighed in relief and opened the door wide.

Making her way to the living room, she picked up on John’s snores. Glancing at the wall clock, she’d missed dinner.  She knew she needed to eat something. She felt for the light switch and flipped it on, where she was met with a feast on the table. She couldn’t believe her eyes – John had fixed all of her favorites. Her hands flew to her heart as she thought over their argument, tears springing to her eyes. She was amazed that love could overcome so quickly.

She picked up a plate, heaped it with food, and carried it to the living room. John was curled up on the couch. She wriggled her way onto the couch near John’s head. He stirred for a few seconds, but then fell back asleep just as quickly. She stared at the food, the TV, and him before she smiled and sighed in content.

Evelyn tried to get up from the couch to go back into the kitchen, to put away the food. Her watermelon of a stomach bumped John’s head just right and his eyes popped open. He almost bonked his head from sitting up so quickly, and a gasp escaped his lips. Evelyn fumbled with the plate, the fork clattering on the wood floor.

“Evelyn, baby, I’m sorry. You startled me straight out of sleep. I was dreaming. Did I hit the baby?”

Evelyn shook her head. “No, honey, you’re fine. I didn’t want to wake you, I’m sorry. I was just trying to go put the food away. Thank you for all the food, it was delicious.”

John smiled as he turned around to face Evelyn. “I wanted to make it up to you. I shouldn’t have yelled – I was just frustrated at the situation, not at you. You’re the one carrying our little one.”

Evelyn bent down to kiss him on the forehead. “Are you hungry? I couldn’t eat all that food.”

She held out her free hand, where John got up from the couch and swept up the rogue fork with the other hand. They made their way to the kitchen where they finished off the feast together.

Come back next week for the start of my latest novel!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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