Commentary #2: Apologizing

I came across an interesting infographic on Facebook yesterday. It was a simple background of what appeared to be lined journal paper with a quote – See below:

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As I pondered this, I thought back to earlier this week. I tend to get very emotional during my time of the month, and I mean more so than usual. My mom can read me like a book, and she can always tell when it’s that time – I get upset over the littlest things and it feels like all the secrets come out. When I was a teenager, I put her through hell month in and month out because of my meltdowns. Wonderful woman she was, and still is, she always took the time to comfort me and talk me through it.

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Case in point: On Monday morning, I got frustrated because I started to feel pain in my left arm/elbow during my workout with Al. I was pissed because I knew I couldn’t finish the workout, and I was disappointed in myself. My emotions were running the gambit at 5:45 in the morning, and it wasn’t pretty. As we were getting our stuff to leave, Al looked at me and remarked with a laugh that I looked like I was going to cry. Well, the tears came within seconds. I wasn’t sobbing, but I was noticeably upset as we left the gym and headed to our cars.

I remember wiping my tears away in the parking lot and telling him that I was “sorry,” that “I didn’t want him to see me like this.” He assured me that it was okay, and that for next time I just needed to adjust the angle to do that exercise correctly. He also made me laugh, something about how I smelled and I needed to go home and take a shower. Oh humor is so wonderful!

So I did the exact opposite of what the quote says. And when I first read that yesterday, I felt guilty at first. Then I picked my head up and realized that I’m strong. I shouldn’t have to apologize for my actions, words, thoughts, etc. There are certain exceptions to that statements, of course, but they’re fairly obvious.

When I shared the quote on Facebook, my friend Justin commented, “At first when I read it I thought it would say ‘Never apologize for speaking your mind and being truthful, even if it will offend someone.’ … I thought that because I’m very prone to doing it …”

Justin’s comments made me think about my own habits. I’ve apologized countless times for speaking my mind and being truthful, especially if I thought or knew that something offensive was coming out of my mouth, or from my fingers when writing/typing.

I don’t consider myself an offensive person – Many of you who know me know that curse words very rarely come out of my mouth, and it’s even more rare when writing/typing. But I’m being literal here.

Justin’s point, and mine, are very similar – No one should feel like they need to apologize every single time they open their mouth or post something on Facebook or online. Your opinions are your own, and sticking to them/not backing down is a sign of strength, much like your emotions. Also, the truth hurts sometimes! If every person was more truthful/honest/open with someone else, the world would be a lot better (in my opinion).

It’s well-known that women tend to be more apologetic than men. I think this is directly related to our emotions. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’m seeing more guys admit to apologizing for their actions and words. I find that very interesting! However, I stick by my views that no one, regardless of your gender, should have to constantly apologize!

This post made me think of something else – The “sorry, not sorry” phrase.

I’ve used it, and I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it used, especially in hashtags.

I’ve also spoken it a couple of times, and it’s felt kind of weird each time.

My wish is my readers realize that it’s OKAY to be sensitive, emotional, having an opinion, and honest! Speak your mind – You never know what you’ll do/change/impact unless you open your mouth!


Happy Friday, all! The weekend is almost here!! Safe travels if you’re hitting the road or traveling another way for the Labor Day weekend.

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Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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