Getting Personal #281: May Goals Recap

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Welcome back!

Here were my goals for the month of May:

  1. Reach 100 Book Reviews! — Accomplished!
  2. Have a successful 2022 Virginia State Convention of P.E.O. as one of the co-chair and hostess chapters. — Accomplished!
  3. Host a fun family cookout. — Accomplished!
  4. Continue progress on keeping my office clean and organized. — Semi-Achieved.
  5. Drink more water. — Accomplished!
  6. Keep the potted plants alive! — Accomplished!

May was wild and crazy. I’m really happy with everything I’ve accomplished.

I reached 100 Book Reviews! Yahoo!

I successfully co-chaired the 2022 P.E.O. Virginia State Convention! It was a great event. Looking forward to 2023 already.

We had a great cookout for Mother’s Day weekend. Even though the weather wasn’t as cooperative as we’d liked (50 degrees in early May!) – We made the best of it.

I have more work to do on my office, but I broke down a lot of old boxes and have more floor space. Next is gathering up and sending off American Girl items for donation to Trey’s Dolls, a wonderful charity that was started years ago by Trey’s mom, Vicki. She and I met in the amazing AG Obsessed group on Facebook.

The potted plants are doing great. I received a spider plant and an ivy plant during the P.E.O. Convention, so I made another trip to Lowe’s last weekend and got another large planter for the ivy and a really pretty hanging planter for the spider plant. I never thought I would be a plant person, but I really like it now.

What about you? Did you have any goals for the month of May?

Come back tomorrow to see my goals for June!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

6 thoughts on “Getting Personal #281: May Goals Recap

  1. My goal for May was to survive, as always, and it was harder than it’s been in months. For June I’m not sure what my goal is anymore. I have to make a huge decision in a short amount of time, and with new information that has recently come up, this decision might not be so cut and dry as it was looking before.

  2. Hurray for achieving so many goals!! 🙌

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