Getting Personal #238: February Goals

Image Credit: Balancing Today

Welcome back! It’s already month #2 of 2021!

Here are my goals for the month of February:

  1. Donate blood.
  2. Watch the Super Bowl with Al.
  3. Celebrate Valentine’s Day!
  4. Clean out the pantry to donate food to the church food pantry.
  5. Go through all my clothes again for donations.
  6. Clean off the couch in my office, and keep it clean.
  7. Prepare for our taxes.
  8. Fully fund my Roth IRA for the year when I meet with my financial advisor for my annual review.
  9. Publish at least one Book Review.
  10. Publish at least one Commentary post.
  11. Publish at least one Writing Prompt post.

What about you? Do you have any goals for this month? Let me know – I’d love to cheer you on!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

20 thoughts on “Getting Personal #238: February Goals

  1. My February goals include; reading three books, losing 2kgs, Zwifting at least 5 times a week, limiting junk food to one day a week, organizing my clothes, painting my kitchen, and writing at least one story.

  2. I’ve been working a lot with therapists the last couple weeks, and I need to focus on what I can do instead of dragging my heels about things I’ve lost. So right now I’m watching my alma mater’s basketball game. It’s less fun with no crowd, but maybe I’ll find I still enjoy it. I don’t know if I’m ready to give pro sports my attention again, but we’ll see. And we’re losing, and I’m not even that upset about it; that’s progress.

    (I have no desire to watch last year’s champs vs. Tom Brady this weekend, though.)

    Also, I need to make some difficult decisions about who is still worth following on Facebook and Instagram.

    • I’m glad that you’ve been working with therapists! That’s good progress right there.

      I’m rooting for the Chiefs. I’m salty that Tom Brady beat my Packers. Booooo.

      Difficult decisions are tough, but necessary. Best of luck!

      • Yeah… I have a love-hate relationship with social media these days… it’s really the only way I still feel connected to people, but there are some people whose posts are just exhausting, for lack of a better word. I use Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my friends, not to be lectured about everything that’s wrong with the world and why it’s all my fault or to be told why I should be outraged and offended by everything. But some of the people posting that stuff are people I’ve known with for 30+ years. And I remember what it was like to have pretty much no friends at all, up until my mid-teens, so it feels wrong to think of friendship as being expendable, even though there are a lot of people on my social media whom I had little in common with in the first place, and I never see them anymore.

      • I feel you. The last year or so has been particularly hard, and exhausting is a great word to use. I’ve unfollowed quite a few friends that date back to my college days. It’s been difficult, but I found myself struggling to deal with their rhetoric and nonsense (mainly about the 2020 election and the person who was the former Commander-in-Chief).

  3. Great goals. Desperate for a big clear out but all the charity shops (all non-essential shops) still closed here in lockdown 😦

    • Oh dear! Our thrift stores were backed up for a while in 2020. One of them had to put up a sign on the drive-thru area to not bring anymore furniture because they had no room, and any donations would be exposed to the elements and possibly ruined.

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