Getting Personal #176: August Goals

August Goals - transforminglifenow

Image Credit: transforminglifenow

Welcome back! August is my birthday month. Every year, it seems like August is far away when the year begins. But, then, it always sneaks up on me! And it seems to go by faster than the other months. I guess time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

Here are my goals for the month of August:

  1. Donate blood.
  2. Celebrate my birthday!
  3. Celebrate others’ birthdays!
  4. Read at least two books.
  5. Complete at least two Writing Prompt posts.
  6. Plan a fun Writing Prompt series for the month of September.
  7. Catch up on Commentary and Tags posts.
  8. Research You Need A Budget! (YNAB).
  9. Read my Daily Guideposts book every day.
  10. Dedicate at least an hour every weekend to working on my office.
  11. Participate in my church’s clean-up day.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the month of August?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

7 thoughts on “Getting Personal #176: August Goals

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you’re making your goals more specific. Seeing you say, “spend 1 hour a weekend working on the office” is much easier to accomplish than the nebulous “work on office.”

    Technically, you could achieve “work on office” by moving a book. 😉

    • Yes! I was getting so overwhelmed, and frustrated. Breaking things down into smaller chunks always helps me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but I’m more motivated to get the work done now. Thank you!

      • I’m right there with you. I understand that I see projects as these huge, impossible tasks. If I were to just break it down a little bit, it probably wouldn’t feel so daunting.

        So glad you learned this tip & it serves you well moving forward!

      • And I worked on it for three hours today alone, and it looks so much better already.

      • Plus, even when you only get a little bit done, if you do that “little bit” every day (or week, month, year, & so on), it’s suddenly done!

        You got this, my dear. 🙂

      • Yes! Every little bit counts. You’re awesome. Thank you!

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