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The Cheesy Goodness Tag - Howling Libraries

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This looked like a really interesting tag – I saw it on Jenna’s blog, Bookmark Your Thoughts.

Here’s the link to Jenna’s post:

The Rules:

  1. Pingback the original creator (Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books) so she can see all your cheesy goodness answers.
  2. Pingback the person who tagged you (as per usual).
  3. Have fun!


The traditional cheese: Name your favorite classic novel.

Although I’m very tempted to pick The Great Gatsby, I’m actually going to choose Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’ve loved everything Austen has written, although I haven’t read everything (See my TBR!). I first fell in love with her books when I was watching Wishbone as a kid!


The hole-y cheese: Name an emotional roller coaster.

Looking for Alaska by John Green. This was the first of Green’s books I read, in 2011, and I had no idea how much emotion he packs into every book he writes!

Blue Cheese

The controversial cheese: Name an unpopular book opinion you have.

I despise dog-earing pages. I will use any scrap of paper as a bookmark before I fold a corner of a page. Also, I really don’t like love triangles!


The favorite cheese: Name an author you always want more of.

Tie between Suzanne Collins and J.K. Rowling! These two women, between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, have shaped so many years of my life!


The Dutch cheese: Name a book that makes you want to travel.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub. Take me away!


The fake cheese: Name your least favorite book / a book you love to hate on.

Many of my regular readers know the hate that I give to Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent trilogy. Ugh!

Colby Jack

The mixed cheese: Name your favorite ship.

I can’t pick just one!

  • Katniss and Peeta, The Hunger Games trilogy.
  • The more I think about it, the more I wish Harry and Hermione ended up together!


The simple cheese: Name an old favorite you’ll never stop loving.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Pepper Jack

The spicy cheese: Name a book you can’t judge by its cover.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.


The monster cheese: Name a villain that you wish never had the joy of eating cheese again.

Many people who have done this tag already have agreed with my sentiment. I loathe Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. *shudders*

Tag – You’re It!

This was such a fun tag, and really different from the other tags I’ve done (so far). I loved it! Thanks again, Jenna!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tag #40: The Cheesy Goodness Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! We will get right on this awesome book tag!

  2. Pingback: The Cheesiest Book Tag – Thrice Read

  3. Oooo yayayayayaya more tags! Thank you for tagging me Laura Beth!
    I totally agree with you on dog earring pages. I don’t really use bookmarks either though since I know I’m sure to lost it so I usually opt for old restaurant receipts or post its.

    • You’re so welcome! I love my “Glee” themed bookmark, but there are times where I use receipts or something in my purse to avoid folding any corners. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Oh my gosh…my loathe for the third book in the Divergent series is stupendously large…I was FURIOUS! Ugh…I could vent for days. I also don’t like dog ears in my books…it flusters me. I would love to read another great series by either Collins and/or Rowling…the books they wrote are some of my tops. Imagine if they worked together?! Katniss and Peeta are adorable! I think I put that on mine as well ha-ha. Even though everyone else loves Ron and Hermione … I actually thought Harry and Hermione had (still have) a better chemistry, both in the books and the films. I really wanted them together…or at least Hermione with someone more suited for her. I love Ron…but the chemistry is just lacking to me…

    Apparently, we have A LOT in common ha-ha! Great post!

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