Getting Personal #94: November Goals

November Goals - Jen Russum

Image Credit: Jen Russum

Welcome to November! It’s hard to believe we’re in the home stretch for 2017!

Here are my goals for the month of November:

  1. Celebrate our second wedding anniversary!
  2. Keep our kitchen table clean.
  3. Write some snail mail!
  4. Start organizing my “Lady Lounge.”
  5. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the breakdown:

Celebrate our second wedding anniversary!

  • It’s hard to believe two years have gone by.
  • Since our anniversary falls on a Tuesday this year, we’re headed to a really nice chop house in Suffolk to celebrate!

Keep our kitchen table clean.

  • I’m so mad at myself from last month. I’m tired of the clutter. I’m committed to making this happen!

Write some snail mail!

  • I’m determined to mail out many cards and letters this month!

Start organizing my “Lady Lounge.”

  • With moving the rest of my things from Mom and Dad’s, our garage has many more boxes that need to be emptied!
  • I want to start with my bookshelf, and then my dolls.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  • We’re excited to take a few days off from work and spend the holiday with Al’s parents and some of their family!

Do you have any goals for the month of November?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

5 thoughts on “Getting Personal #94: November Goals

  1. Thanks to you, I wrote my November Goals yesterday :). Already starting to accomplish 1 or 2 of them just two days in.

  2. That’s a lot of goals, but I have every faith you’ll achieve them all.

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