Getting Personal #62: February Goals Recap


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The end of February snuck up on me! Wow!

Here’s the link to my February Goals post:


Here we go!

  1. Begin my journal adventure. – Did not accomplish.
  2. Finish my 2012 NaNoWriMo endeavor. – Did not accomplish.
  3. Donate blood. – Did not accomplish.
  4. Celebrate our 6,000th donated pint at our blood drive on February 4th. – Accomplished!
  5. Finally see Hidden Figures! – Accomplished!
  6. Buy a desk. – Did not accomplish.
  7. Buy a shelving system for my dolls! – Did not accomplish.
  8. Move my huge bookcase, books, and dolls from Mom and Dad’s to our house. – Did not accomplish.
  9. Make at least three new recipes! – Semi-Achieved.
  10. Successfully co-host the PEO meeting on February 13th. – Did not accomplish.

Here’s the breakdown:

Begin my journal adventure. – Did not accomplish.

  • I didn’t write one single post!

Finish my 2012 NaNoWriMo endeavor. – Did not accomplish.

  • I didn’t write a single new word.

Donate blood. – Did not accomplish.

  • I got close! But, my iron wasn’t quite high enough. Here’s to April!

Celebrate our 6,000th donated pint at our blood drive on February 4th. – Accomplished!

  • Hooray!
  • Mr. Barry Katz was lucky #6,000. He’s been a regular donor for years.

Finally see Hidden Figures! – Accomplished!

  • We went to Cinebistro in Hampton – It’s a great place!
  • If you haven’t seen it, it comes highly recommended!

Buy a desk. – Did not accomplish.

  • I finally started to make space for this desk in the Lady Lounge, but I haven’t 100 percent decided what I want to buy.

Buy a shelving system for my dolls! – Did not accomplish.

  • See above – I’m still not happy with my options at the moment.
  • Any tips for a shelving unit that has at least 20 inches of height?

Move my huge bookcase, books, and dolls from Mom and Dad’s to our house. – Did not accomplish.

  • See the above two!

Make at least three new recipes! – Semi-Achieved.

  • For the Super Bowl, I made Pillsbury’s S’mores Pretzel Cookie Bars!
  • Tonight, we tried Campbell’s Skillet Meals for the first time!

Successfully co-host the PEO meeting on February 13th. – Did not accomplish.

  • Unfortunately, the week before the meeting, I came down with the flu!
  • Although I was feeling better by the day of the meeting, I didn’t want to infect anyone.

Final Thoughts

  • I was able to put Accomplished next to two out of 10 goals. I’ll take it!
  • The one goal that was Semi-Achieved: I want to get back to home cooking! We ate a lot of pre-packaged food this month (frozen pizza, Bertolli meals, etc.), so I want to get back on track again.
  • The seven goals that I didn’t accomplish: This one hurt, a lot. But, I’ve been busier this month for several different reasons (See more in tomorrow’s post!). Plus, being sick for the better part of a whole week was frustrating!

Did you have any goals for February?

Come back tomorrow to see my goals for March!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

28 thoughts on “Getting Personal #62: February Goals Recap

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! I hear a lot of people are getting the flu. Your 52 Weeks of Gratitude posts have inspired me to do something similar. My goal is to actually stick with it!

  2. Congrats on the 2 goals. I should do something similar to hold myself accountable!

  3. I think the end of February sneaks up on everyone. Probably because it’s so short!

    I’m so sorry that your iron wasn’t high enough (& that I forgot to go, despite having a very good reason!). I’m going to give blood this Saturday. I’ve got it on my calendar & I set an alarm on my phone.

    Wasn’t Hidden Figures fantastic? It really made me want to read the book (not to mention made me wanna make an obscene gesture every time someone said “that’s just the way it is”).

    I really wish I had the space to have a real desk. Right now I have a laptop desk that I have to put on my bed. What are you thinking about buying?

    It must be hard to find a good shelving unit with 20″ of space in between the shelves. I’m assuming you could find something with adjustable shelves. If not, you could always find the studs in the wall, screw in some brackets, & put some boards along your wall at the height you want. Basically DIY shelves! 🙂

    Don’t beat yourself up for not accomplishing your goals! You had to deal with illness, low iron, a 28 day month, & wanting to make sure your Lady Lounge is everything you want it to be! Take your time to make sure your space is totally you. ❤ 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I always look forward to your comments 🙂

      Yay for giving blood! Good luck this Saturday!

      It was one of the best movies I’ve seen. Plus, with Hampton being only a few miles away, it felt special seeing a movie that was based on true events, right here! I definitely want to read the book. My parents were lucky enough to attend a lecture by the author!

      I want something with a large surface area, almost like a table. I want to have enough space to have my laptop, a printer, a lamp, a filing system, etc. I haven’t found the right thing yet. I need to measure that particular wall again, too.

      I asked Facebook about the shelves. I’m in several American Girl doll groups, and several people pointed me to IKEA units and turning regular bookshelves sideways! I’m excited to start searching again. I like the bracket idea – But, we took down a bunch of shelves like that when we moved in, and the spackling job that was required before painting was a big headache!!

      Thanks for the encouragement – I was disappointed, but I’m happy that I’m taking my time! It’s fun to shop around!

      • Aww! You always say the sweetest things that set my mind at ease for sending huge comments. XD

        Today’s the day! I haven’t forgotten! That, to me, is a huge step towards improvement over last month. LOL

        There are plenty of places you can get a nice table. Dimensions are definitely important though. It sounds like you know what you want & what it needs to do for you, you just need to explore your options a little. 🙂

        In my mind, spackling anything is a pain in the tush. Still, that’s a very good point I didn’t even consider! Also, turning bookshelves sideways is genius (as long as it doesn’t put the dolls too close to the floor… they should be at eye height, in all their glory!).

        It’s easy to get disappointed when you don’t do everything you wanted to do. But, not beating yourself up will go much further than doing that. You’ve been chugging along at quite the rocket’s pace the past couple of months – you’re bound to need a breather!

      • I’m so excited for you – Fingers crossed!

        I agree – I’m thinking of stacking two sets of bookshelves. I want to use the set closest to the floor for clothes and accessories storage, and then the dolls above that.

        I’m taking everything one day at a time. I try really hard to not beat myself up!

      • I donated yesterday! It’s the first time in a loooong time I felt a wee bit light-headed, but I think I might have been slightly dehydrated. 😀

        Ooo. That’s a great idea! Are you thinking about having the one bookcase “normal” & the one flipped on its side stacked above it? I think that would be really unique.

        I know, personally, it can be so hard not to beat myself up. I hope you’re doing much better with it! ❤

      • Yay! Congratulations. I’m glad you were able to donate. I hope you’re feeling better – Dehydration is no joke!

        I like your idea! We were in Lowe’s yesterday and looked around – But they didn’t have anything that caught my eye. I want to try Target next.

        I’m doing much better – I’m learning to let things go, and go with the flow! Your encouragement means the world to me!

      • I know. It was probably the worst incident of light-headedness I’ve ever had after donating (even though it wasn’t so bad; I felt fine after I nibbled the free snacks). So, lots of water for me!

        Target has pretty decent stuff. I’d still check out IKEA (if you have the patience to do construction!), or even some second-hand stores if I were looking for bookcases.

        Man, I wish I were looking for bookcases! XD

        It’s very hard sometimes, I know, to not beat ourselves up over what we got done & what we didn’t. You’re so well-organized & you hold yourself accountable here, you deserve all the encouragement I can type!!!

      • I understand – I’ve been there. I only felt really light-headed one time, and that was in high school. I skipped the canteen after donating, feeling fine, and then five minutes later, I needed the recovery bed. And the free snacks are the best!

        I didn’t think about thrift stores – Thanks!

        You’re the best. Thanks for the motivation! You put a smile on my face 🙂

      • Ah! It’s a bad idea to skip the free refreshments. They kinda forced us to drink & eat something, with gentle prodding, of course. I only saw one fellow who claimed he ate lunch before donating to skip having a nibble.

        I gotta start going earlier, though… bagels were all crusty when I got there by 3! LOL

        Thrift stores are always a great place for unique finds. It might be hard to find two bookshelves, unfortunately. I’m sure you’ll take your time & find something that suits you to a tee.

        I love putting a smile on your face! Motivating you is partially for selfish purposes… your goal posts always make me wanna do more!

      • I learned my lesson! I always eat and drink something after donating now. I volunteer at our drives as well, so I’m well-versed in the pitches and speeches! Most people are good about it. Others, we at least get them to take a bottle of water before heading out.

        Bagels – Nice! Our Red Cross usually supplies pretzels, cookies, raisins, juice, and water. My dad usually brings cookie dough or brownie mix, and we use the church kitchen to make the room smell good! We’ve also done pizza and cake, for celebrations.

        I’m still looking. I thought of the wooden crates from Michaels Arts and Crafts, but even those aren’t the size that I need. Thanks for your comments – They make my day!

      • Oh yeah, I chugged a bottle of water afterwards. I knew what was up!

        It was funny – I was sitting, reading my Shakespeare, while people came & went so quickly. It was like no one could be bothered to sit & hang out for a few minutes!

        Bagels are always lovely! They also have pizza, but Dad said it was awful (& I’m not a huge pizza fan, regardless), so I stick to the bagels & the little snack bags. I had some Cheez-Its for the first time in a long time, & snagged some Lorna Doone (not sure I’m spelling that right) cookies for Dad.

        Darn! Wooden crates would have looked AMAZING. You could even paint them white, sorta like a “white picket fence.” Maybe there’s a place online that sells them in the appropriate size?

        You said you have 5 American Girl dolls, right? I’m picturing them all nice & stacked in a semi-pyramid shape, 3 on the bottom, 2 stacked where the bottom 3 touch… then you can put books & decorations on top of the empty space!!

      • Water for the win!

        Our drives tend to be social. People will sit and talk at the canteen for a while. It’s a big community, so lots of people catch up with one another, or meet and greet. It’s really cool. It’s part of the reason why I’ve enjoyed volunteering for 17 years!

        Lorna Doone cookies are awesome. We usually have Nutter Butter and Mini Oreos. They used to offer Famous Amos!

        I like the pyramid idea! I was browsing last night and got several different ideas. I think I found a desk, too!

      • 17 years? That’s so amazing!! The people who volunteer where I donate are so nice.

        They offer Famous Amos cookies too, but they were oatmeal raisin. Not my cup of tea, but I like their chocolate chip cookies.

        Ooo. I got trapped by Wayfair the other day… every page lead me to something else that looked interesting, then something else… well, you get the picture. The same thing happens to me almost every single time I open Amazon to look at books. XD

      • Yup. We started in April 2000. We celebrate our 100th drive soon!

        I’m not a fan of oatmeal raisin, either – Chocolate chip all the way!

        I’ve narrowed it down to two desks, and an idea for the dolls. But, I can’t justify paying $42 per storage box! Amazon is definitely another trap …

      • Congratulations! I’m so glad you & your team are still going strong! 🙂

        Totally chocolate chip when it comes to Famous Amos. If I have my choice of cookies, however, it’s glazed sugar cookies. Nummy!

        I’m so glad you’ve narrowed down your choices. That’s the first step, in my opinion. Now, you can price shop & see if you find something similar. Speaking of the black hole that is Amazon… maybe they have something!

      • Thanks! I need to try Amazon!

      • I hope you don’t get sucked into looking at different things for hours…. like I do… every darned time… LOL

        I also hope that you find something with which you can work & stick true to your original idea.

        Promise you’ll post pictures when it all gets done? 😀

      • Absolutely!

      • Yay!! XD

      • I have several posts in the works about our house, the Lady Lounge, and the dolls!

      • Oh good! I’m excited to read them!!

      • Thanks! I’m excited to take photos!

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