Adventure Time: Scottsburg, VA Edition (Round 5)


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Every September, Al’s mom’s family has their annual family reunion in Keysville, Virginia. Conveniently, Keysville is only about 45 minutes from the Vardaro farm in Scottsburg!

Al and I took Friday, September 16th off from work, and drove the truck up to the farm. We left around 8:00 a.m., and stopped at the Hardee’s in Emporia, Virginia, which is roughly the halfway point. The typical drive from Hampton Roads to Scottsburg is about three hours. It’s a nice, relaxing drive. You basically take Route 58 West all the way there. When you reach South Boston, you turn on to Route 360. Once there, it’s only about 15 more minutes.

We spent Friday with Mom and Dad at the farm. Lunch was delicious. We explored the farm, saw Scooter the horse, and fished!


Scooter’s so pretty!


The cows next door were out and about!


Scooter was very interested in Al’s camera!


I will never get sick of this view. Absolutely gorgeous!


Al caught a 14 1/2 inch bass!


There was a harvest moon rising. I thought this photo I took was pretty cool – The power line is slicing the moon in half!

I got up early on Saturday and went out to fish with Mom.



Fifteen inches!

I was able to avenge the bass that took the best fishing lure on Memorial Day weekend. I was so excited!

Saturday was also the day of the reunion. We left the farm around 10:15 a.m. to get there at 11:00. Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan live in Keysville, and they always reserve the fellowship hall of the United Methodist Church. It’s always a good time!

This year, there were about 25 people, which was larger than the last few years. It was smorgasbord of food!


The food was on two 8-foot tables. Sixteen feet full of goodness!

We also celebrated Uncle Joe’s birthday. Mom Vardaro is one of four kids – Joe’s the baby. Brenda brought a cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday. Then, great-uncle Herbert presented Joe with a gorgeous, solid gold pocket watch that has been in the Chambers family for nearly a century. It was a nice presentation, and several people shed tears. Joe promised to keep it in the family as long as possible.

After the reunion, we drove home and relaxed. Almost everyone took a nap!

Around sunset, we moseyed out again. We built a fire and enjoyed s’mores!


The skies are always beautiful!


The “guard donkey” that keeps an eye out on the cows. There were baby calves this time!


Scooter was posing!


I caught another one! It was so exciting!



It was a wonderful weekend. It’s a nice escape that’s only a few hours away!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Adventure Time: Scottsburg, VA Edition (Round 5)

  1. OMG Scooter is so handsome!! Is he a quarter horse? He looks like one!

    Also, your fish totally kicked Al’s fish’s butt. Congratulations! šŸ˜‰

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