Tag #13: “Which Do You Prefer?” Book Tag!


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I was tagged to participate by the lovely B.G. of Getting Through Anxiety!

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Here we go!

1.) Writing or reading books?

Argh. I hate this question!

I think I like to read more, because reading got me interested in writing from the get-go. Example: I read almost all of the American Girl historical novels before I received my first doll, who came with six blank books where I could write her own stories. I remember filling separate notebooks with stories about Stephanie, but I left those six books blank for a long time. I wanted to keep them pristine, plus I didn’t want to mess them up with errors and cross-outs. The American Girl books fostered my love of historical fiction.

2.) Reading hardbacks or paperbacks?

I prefer hardbacks – I don’t like it when the paperback spines get all crinkled!

3.) Reading E-books or books you can actually hold?

Books you can actually hold, hands down. I’ve tried a few school textbooks on my iPhone and iPad, but every time, I wish I’d paid more money to get the tangible version!

4.) Reading books with the protagonist of a woman or man?

Excellent question. I’ve tended to be drawn to women protagonists.

5.) Reading books written by men or women?

Another good one. Most of my favorite authors – Grisham, Sparks, Fitzgerald – are men. I enjoy their perspective.

6.) Reading books or listening?

Reading. I’ve listened to audiobooks in the car while I’m the driver, but I can’t imagine doing it any place else!

7.) Reading out loud or in your head?

In my head, although I’ve been caught reading out loud before!

8.) Getting books from the library/borrowing them or buying them?

I actually prefer the library. I love buying them, but there’s money involved there. Borrowing books from friends is fun, but I’m always afraid that I’ll get distracted and so much time passes before I actually read the book and give it back to the person! With a library, their time limit is a good motivator to read the books and avoid the fines!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve downsized my own personal collection and tried to keep it that way.

9.) Reading thrillers or romance?

Thrillers, now. If you’d asked me this question a few years ago, it would have been romance.

10.) Writing in books or not?

Not! I can’t fathom writing in a book. I didn’t even want to write in my textbooks!

11.) Reading long books or short?

Long books are always more fun. I think of it as a challenge!

I Tag:

  • Everyone, especially my friend who are fellow biblophiles!
  • If you do participate, please display B.G.’s photo of tag on your post!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

14 thoughts on “Tag #13: “Which Do You Prefer?” Book Tag!

  1. Good one Laura 😊

  2. Thanks for participating! Great answers!

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