Adventure Time: Scottsburg, VA Edition (Round 3)

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This past weekend, we traveled to Scottsburg to see Al’s parents and the farm. It’s becoming a nice weekend getaway. In the last year, we’ve been there three times.

Here are recaps of the other visits:

Every year in September, Al’s mom side of the family has a reunion in Keysville, Virginia. Now that they have the farm, it’s a much shorter drive!

This round was really special because Nick, Savy, and Mia drove up as well!

Al drove the two of us in the Mustang, and Nick drove Savy’s SUV. Al and I stopped for dinner, calling Mom every hour to check in. We pulled up to the house around 11:00, just minutes after Nick, Savy, and Mia arrived.

It was definitely a full house! Seven people split among two bedrooms and the living room. We made it work though! Air mattresses are awesome.

On Saturday morning, Mom had breakfast ready – Cheesy eggs, maple sausage, donuts. Delicious!

It was really foggy in the morning:

Standing in the front yard.

Standing in the front yard.

The garage. Dad has made so much progress since we last saw it in June!

The garage. Dad has made so much progress since we last saw it in June!

We got to meet Scooter, the horse that Mom and Dad have on the property, early. He gets an apple every morning and grain at night. Mom and Dad have an arrangement with 16-year-0ld Caleb, who lives down the road. Mom and Dad host Scooter on the property, and Caleb does the rest.

He has plenty of grass.

He has plenty of grass.

We headed out to Keysville around 11:00. Dad stayed behind – A crew had arrived earlier to do the roof of the garage that he’s been building, and they needed more shingles. He was able to make the reunion though!

There was so much food at the church – Fried chicken, meatballs, vegetables, potatoes, pasta salad, bread … Yum! And the desserts – Holy moly!

We stayed for a couple of hours, enjoying each other’s company. We talked about the wedding a bit, along with people’s recent vacations and travels. I hung out with Nick, Savy, and Mia for a while on the church playground, while Al went for a spin in Uncle Joe’s Dodge Charger.

We missed the Moore clan though!

After we got back from the reunion, we traipsed around the farm. Eight acres is a lot to begin with, and we didn’t cover it all!

Al was nerding out all last week – He bought a new quadcopter, the Phantom 3 by DJI. He couldn’t wait to test it out! The highest he flew it was around 200 feet! Amazing 🙂

Al getting ready to fly it on Saturday afternoon.

Al getting ready to fly it on Saturday afternoon.

The awesome thing about this drone is that the camera is built in, and it’s much steadier. Also, Al was able to download an app to his phone, and the controller has a space for the phone to sit. You can watch what the camera is filming in real time!

For dinner, Mom and Dad got the biggest pizza that I have ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture of it! I kid you not – This was a 24-INCH pizza. Wow! The slices were so big, you had to fold the bottom over to fit it on the plates!

After dinner, Al filmed some more. Dad set up a bonfire in the yard next to the pond. Mom and Mia fished for a while, using a lighted bobber! Nick brought his guitar, so we spent a good while around the fire, attempting to sing classic songs. And, of course, s’mores!



Mom and Mia fishing.

Mom and Mia fishing.

Selfie :)

Selfie 🙂

Nick strumming along.

Nick strumming along.

We capped off Saturday with the Doctor Who premiere!

It was an awesome weekend. It was tiring though! There’s always something new to do. The garage is getting closer and closer to completion!

Staunton River State Park is only three miles away. Al and I left around 10:00 on Sunday morning. When we called Mom to check in later on, the crew had gone to the park to walk the trails and let Mia explore the gigantic playground!

I look forward to the next visit.

Until then, here’s the video, titled Above The Farm, that Al put together! His new quadcopter is AWESOME! Al also brought his Canon camera, and set up a nice time-lapse of the bonfire.

Check it out – Let us know what you think!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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