Getting Personal #15: Nerdy, Geeky, and Damn Proud Of It

I saw this amazing piece on Facebook recently:

I just bought a similar 16 x 20″ print earlier this month. Last week, it arrived from Texas!

I can’t wait to frame it and put it up in our eventual house.

Growing up, I was classified as a smart kid, probably a nerd too. I wasn’t ashamed of it, except for the couple of boys that regularly taunted me with the classic “teacher’s pet” insults. Thinking all the way back to elementary school, I was the girl that enthusiastically raised her hand in all my classes, sat right up front (for the most part), that kind of thing. I enjoyed school overall and enjoyed learning as much as I could, whenever I could.

This art print spoke to me in many ways.

We believe in Magic

I remember first learning about Harry Potter in elementary school – The first book was released on June 30, 1997, when I had just finished second grade. Many of my friends had read and re-read the books by the time we were getting ready to go to middle school.

I’ll admit, I was a late follower, and definitely a skeptic at first. I wasn’t a huge fan of fantasy works in elementary school. However, once I got my copy of the first book, the others quickly followed. I still have my paperback copies of all seven books, well-loved and well-read.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe with 40 of my high school classmates and teachers for 17 amazing days in the summer of 2005. Our first stop was England for a few days. At some point when the trip was being planned, it was announced that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was scheduled to be released on our last day in England! The majority of us were big fans, and this was a highlight for our trip. We were in London, and there was a Waterstones (the British equivalent to our Barnes & Noble) bookstore close to our hotel. The book was being released at midnight on July 16th, so we all lined up around the block and eagerly waited. Because of that trip, most of us have a hardcover copy of the British edition! It was such a cool experience!

When Al and I met in 2010, the last two movies were being released. They were awesome! It was so great to see all eight movies in theaters over the course of several years.

I distinctly remember Al and his brother Nick getting up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, 2011, to pick up the entire series on Blu-Ray from Best Buy. I didn’t join them for the trip, but I have enjoyed having them available to watch over and over.

We have epic adventures

Over the almost five years that Al and I have been together, we have had so many adventures! Most of them have revolved around movies. We love checking out the newest releases in our local theaters.

But we love getting out of the house and the theaters, too. We’ve enjoyed exploring different areas of Hampton Roads and beyond!

For more on the adventures we’ve embarked upon, check these out:

Galaxies Far Far Away

Star Wars. Enough said.

Photo Credit: Debbie Vardaro

Halloween, 2011. Photo Credit: Debbie Vardaro

I loved this post on a Star Wars Facebook group today:

Image Credit: Julie Bowser

Image Credit: Julie Bowser

Yeah. December 18th. I have my Yoda shirt all ready to go!

We Do Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Doctor Who is pretty rad. Al’s brother got into it, and as a result, we have watched several episodes together. It’s an interesting concept, time travel. And it’s amazing that DW has been airing since 1963!

Tidewater Comicon, May 2015.

Tidewater Comicon, May 2015.

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

Al and I love Star Trek. We’ve seen all the movies, and Al has almost all the series saved in his Netflix queue. My personal favorite is TNG, but I have enjoyed watching all of them over the years. The new movies are great, and I look forward to more!

The odds are ever in our favor

I got hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy almost immediately. Reading the three books in rapid succession only furthered my interest in both reading and writing young adult literature. The movies have been great too. I’m kind of sad because the movie series is coming to an end in November! But, I plan to re-read the books and keep them, and the movies, in my collection forever.

We do cosplay and passion

Buying costumes and thinking of new ideas has become so much fun!

Al and I started dressing up for Halloween together in 2011.

Then, over the last three years, we’ve had a lot of fun:

Photo Credit: Lane Bellar

Halloween, 2012. Photo Credit: Lane Bellar

Photo Credit: Debbie Vardaro

Halloween, 2013. Photo Credit: Debbie Vardaro

Photo Credit: Al Vardaro

Halloween, 2014. Photo Credit: Al Vardaro

Photo Credit: Al Vardaro

Special Ghostbusters Jamberry nail wraps. Photo Credit: Al Vardaro

In May, Al and I embarked on our first comic-con adventure together. It was so awesome!

Image Credit: Al Vardaro

Image Credit: Al Vardaro

The dates for 2016 was recently announced: May 21-22.

For more info, check them out: Tidewater Comicon.

So excited!

We also recently learned that there will be a Hampton Comicon! Go to their Facebook page and click Like and Share!

I look forward to building my Stargirl cosplay for 2016 🙂

In addition to comicons, Al and I also like Superman:

Facebook Credit: Al Vardaro

L to R: LB, Jesse, and Al. Facebook Credit: Al Vardaro

We are looking forward to the new Supergirl TV series this fall, as well as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice when it’s released in March.

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

We also watch The Flash on TV every week – Grant Gustin is a local boy! Besides that, it’s an awesome show too. Check it out, season 2 is coming soon, Wednesday nights on the CW!

So, I’m definitely a nerd and a geek, and I’m so damn proud of it. I feel fucking awesome.

I enjoy absolutely everything I talked about here, and even beyond this. To name a few:

  • The Divergent book and movie series
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Comic books
  • Comic Book Men
  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • Tabletop web series on YouTube via Geek & Sundry
  • Back To The Future
  • Jurassic Park

I look forward to passing on all of this, and more, to our kids someday.

Until then, I’ll continue to be enthusiastic in my nerdom!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

3 thoughts on “Getting Personal #15: Nerdy, Geeky, and Damn Proud Of It

  1. If you’re going to be a wild Geek, you gotta geek all the way. I admire the two of you for doing it right.

    My wife and I have some shared and some varying fandoms; she fishes in Mulgor, while I prefer to quest on Tatooine. Our first dance was to a Jonathan Coulton song. We’re helping our kids find their own way (My son loves Power Rangers, Ghostbusters and My Little Pony, just to name a few). His name in utero was Boba Fett (imperfect clone?)

    If you’re going to geek, you gotta geek all the way. If you’re going to geek in love, you gotta let that little nerd-tastic light shine.

    You’re clearly winning at that game.

    • Anthony,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I have definitely become much more of a geek and a nerd because of meeting Al, and I am so grateful for it. I have a much greater appreciation for cosplayers and comicons now, and I can’t wait to do more and further explore my own creativity.

      Your comment made my night so much better. I have a huge smile on my face as I get ready for bed.

      Thank you for reading!

      -Laura Beth

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