Writing Wednesdays #12

I’m back!

Enjoy the latest installment of “Specialton.”

John looked up and nodded. “Doctor …”

“Franklin. ER. I heard about Evelyn when I came on shift early this morning. She’s had it rough, but I know she’ll pull through. It’s too bad you’re not married …”

John smiled and shook his head. “Yep, if only we’d eloped when she told me she was pregnant a few months ago. I decided to propose instead.”

Dr. Franklin stuck out his hand and John shook it. “You’re a good man. Staying with her first of all, and then wanting to marry her the right way. Good on you. Well, can’t talk. Trauma calls. Good to meet you, John. Hopefully you and Evelyn aren’t stuck in here too much longer in this depressing place.”

John knew that all he could do was wait longer, so he took his time with his breakfast. It tasted okay, nothing like Evelyn made at home. God, he missed her. Outside of the two-week trip he’d taken recently, this was the longest he’d been separated from her. The hospital world was waking up with the day and John was a people-watcher. Everyone was perfectly pleasant and smiled at him, but left him alone.

Once he’d had breakfast, John made his way to the bathroom and then back to the waiting room. He was growing impatient, but he wanted to see Evelyn as soon as he was able to.  

The nurses went about their work, but stopped by every so often to check on John. Hours passed.  Finally, the doors opened, and the doctor appeared. John stood up, relieved. It had been a long 24-plus hours.

He greeted John with a handshake and then hurried to the exam room. One of the nurses followed after him; another went over to John.

“John, I know you’re anxious. The doctor was out of town, otherwise he would have been here a lot sooner. Evelyn has been resting, with lots of fluids. Once the doctor’s exam is over, then you can see her.”

Another agonizing 45 minutes passed. The doctor reappeared to the waiting area, as if he wanted to speak. No one else was there, as it was the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so the doctor shook John’s hand again and then sat down.

“John, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I wish this meeting was in better circumstances. You’re fortunate that your fiancée has been attending her prenatal appointments with me. However, this degree of sickness was much unexpected and I’m sorry that you both had to go through this these last few days. Fortunately, she’s stable and the baby appears to be fine, for now. I’m recommending that Evelyn stay here one more night for observation and more fluids, and then you can take her home tomorrow.”

John’s eyes were full of questions. “What about work? She and I are a team in our business. However, I understand the need for her health and the baby. What do we do?”

The doctor nodded and considered his questions. “Until she’s back to a more normal state, I highly recommend bed rest for both their health. If she is stressed, the sickness could return very quickly and you both could end up back here again.”

John paled. “We certainly don’t want that, this last day and a half has been difficult.”

The doctor took out his prescription pad. “I can’t give her any strong medicine, but I am prescribing this mild anti-nausea dosage, that should help her keep more food and water in her. She desperately needed fluids when she arrived the other night. You are a good man, you saved both their lives.”

John was relieved, slightly. “So, bed rest for now. Anything else?”

The doctor wrote down a date and time. “Can she come in to see me then?”

John nodded. “Is she able to drive?”

The doctor’s eyebrows furrowed. “In her condition, probably not. However, since I’m prescribing several days’ bed rest, she might feel strong enough to drive herself. If she doesn’t, I want you or someone else who is trustworthy to drive her to see me, okay?”

John nodded and extended his hand. “Thank you for coming so quickly. We both, er, three of us, appreciate it.”

The doctor smiled and grasped John’s hand. “Glad to hear that you’re a family already. My number is on the pad. If either of you have questions, just call.”

“Thank you, Doctor. May I see Evelyn now?”

The doctor’s smile spoke volumes.

John practically ran down the hall to Evelyn’s room. “Pull yourself together, son. She doesn’t need any more excitement.”

He knocked and the nurse waved him in.

Evelyn was a sight. Tubes stuck out of her everywhere. She looked like she’d lost weight, and not in the healthy way. Still, her eyes lit up and she breathed deeply.

“John …” Her voice was raspy, but she could speak.

John weaved his way through the maze of tubes so he could be by her side. It was refreshing to see her slightly sitting up, not sprawled on the floor by the toilet like he’d found her on Friday. He kissed her forehead and ran his hand along his cheek. Her skin was slightly gray, but she was warm.

The nurse spoke up. “Stay here as long as you like, I know you’ve been waiting. I’ll come back later.”

“John …”

“Shhh … Don’t speak. Your voice needs to rest, it sounds awful.”

“John … I love you.”

John kissed her forehead again, it was virtually the only place he could reach without snagging a tube or a wire. “You’re quite a sight, Evelyn. I love you too.”

No more words were spoken, and no more were necessary. The love and appreciation filled the room. Evelyn finally started to perk up and get back to normal.

John being in the room helped tremendously. Evelyn’s color came back, she was less nauseous, and was able to keep more food and fluids in her. She even started requesting food because she felt hungry.

She was still weak, but much improved over the condition she’d been in. As the doctor had told John, the hospital kept her for one more night to monitor her and make sure she was less prone to the severe sickness returning.

Early the next morning, John filled out the discharge papers and rolled her wheelchair to the doors.

He ran to get the car from the back of the parking lot to bring it alongside the sidewalk so he could help Evelyn into the car.

Once he had her settled in, they started the drive home. About two miles from the house, Evelyn grabbed his arm. John felt a rush of panic. “Evelyn? Are you okay? Do you need me to pull over?”

Evelyn realized that she’d startled him by grabbing him arm so suddenly. She withdrew her arm and shook her head.

“Evelyn? What’s wrong? Talk to me.”

“I – I didn’t mean to startle you like that. I’m sorry.”

“Well, do you need something?”

“I was only trying to get your attention. I’m craving a chocolate milkshake.”

John sighed in relief and had to smile. “You scared me, baby.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll say something next time. Can we go to the drugstore for that milkshake?”

John smiled and reached over to caress her face. “I have a better idea,” as he swung the car into the grocery store parking lot.

He had Evelyn wait in the car. She was surprised; John normally wasn’t the one who pulled off surprises.

Fifteen minutes later, John emerged with a small blender, milk, and several gallons of ice cream.

As he loaded the bounty into the trunk, Evelyn turned her head. John smiled and said, “Why spend 50 cents several times a day at the drugstore to satisfy those cravings, when we can make them anytime we want at home?”

Evelyn laughed. Surprising, and practical. Just one more reason why she was so in love with this man.

When they got home, John helped Evelyn into the house and got her settled. “I’m going to make you the biggest chocolate milkshake that no drugstore can make,” he proclaimed as he stepped back out to the car.

Evelyn leaned back on the couch and breathed in. “It’s sure nice to be home,” she thought as she patted her stomach. She’d been talking to the baby while in the hospital room, since no one else had been around until John was let in. “You gave us quite a scare, young man or young lady, whichever you are,” she mock-scolded.

John caught her talking mid-sentence as he came in with the groceries. He quickly put everything in their places in the kitchen and came back to the living room. “This is the first time I’ve heard you talking to it.”

Evelyn looked up and stopped, her eyes filled with fear.

John smiled. “It’s okay. I like it. It makes me realize that we’re growing a new life inside of you.”

He kissed her on the lips for the first time since driving to the hospital and caressed her stomach before whistling away into the kitchen.

That afternoon was spent relaxing, talking and enjoying several milkshakes. Finally, Evelyn was about to bust. “Those milkshakes were fabulous, but the doctor told me that I need to go easy on the sweets. Thank you, baby. You sure know how to welcome me home.”

John smiled and brushed a lock of hair off her forehead. “Anything for you, Evelyn. And the baby.”

They dissolved into passionate kissing on the couch, and then Evelyn took John’s hand and led him into the bedroom.

John was exhausted, and Evelyn was a hot mess. She still insisted on no sex because of the baby, but there were other ways.

They had carefully undressed each other, but then John became an animal.

He kissed every single inch of her beautiful ivory skin, and Evelyn’s hands went everywhere.

Since getting pregnant, Evelyn knew that the best way to make John feel good was oral sex. She had had some good practice over the last several months, but John wanted more than her mouth. After getting hard, he rubbed his member all over her body, exciting both of them. He trailed his way down to her waist, where she didn’t stop him, not immediately anyway. He pushed the tip of his member into her vagina, where her moan got him riled. He wanted to push, but she grabbed his ass and he stopped.

He carefully extracted it, briefly disappointed. However, looking up and down her naked body was enough for the disappointment to disappear in seconds.

He got on all fours, careful not to put any weight on her stomach. Then he had an idea, something they’d never tried before. He rose up on his knees and then hovered over her chest, where she’d been teasing her tits with her fingers, moaning softly. They were as hard as marbles. He carefully set his member between her silky smooth breasts as she continued to tease her tits, where he started to move back and forth, mimicking the movements in her vagina. Their moans got louder and louder until finally John grunted and shuddered. Evelyn felt the wetness of his semen but reveled in it. She felt dirty, in a good way. John slid backwards and could only watch in awe as it oozed between her fingers and she rubbed it all over her skin. She continued to touch and squeeze her tits as the semen plastered her breasts. John was shocked, but thrilled. He was excited that she wanted to be dirty and get dirty in the bedroom.

Come back next week for more!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂


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