Writing Wednesdays #9

“Paper is dead without words
Ink idle without a poem
All the world dead without stories
Without love and disarming beauty”
~Nightwish, “Song of Myself”

Welcome back!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of March!

Enjoy the latest installment of “Specialton.”

She expected John home before nightfall, but she was preparing, and hoping, for some time in the afternoon. She had cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, and it had needed it, badly. John apparently had never invested in a housekeeper, ever. Evelyn was jazzed up, especially since she had spent all those hours cleaning in the buff. She smiled the entire time, enjoying her nakedness. This was the first step in prep for John to come home. In fact, she planned to stay in her birthday suit all the way up until John’s key hit the lock and he stepped into the home they shared.

At 5:30 p.m., the phone jangled. Evelyn wasn’t expecting any calls, so a wave of panic hit her when it rang. With a trembling hand, she picked it up from the cradle.

“Hello, Alspice residence. This – This is Evelyn speaking.”

“Evelyn? It’s John.” Relief washed over her, and she shivered.

“John! Is everything okay?”

“Baby, I had car trouble. Something’s wrong with the engine. I had to have it towed to a repair shop in Niceville. Maybe this two-week trip wasn’t such a good idea for the car.”

Evelyn frowned. She knew by his tone of voice that wasn’t everything he had to say, so she just waited for him to finish.

“Good news though – I called a taxi. The repair shop won’t have their best engine guy in until Monday. I’ll be home in just a few hours; I can’t wait. Sorry for the delay. I love you.”

Evelyn swallowed. She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t tell if he was lying to her or not. She knew he hadn’t been drinking; at least, not that she could tell.

“Baby? Are you there?”

Evelyn snapped out of her funk. They could talk about this later – after he’d come home to her.

“John – I’m glad you called. Sorry about the car. Hope it can be fixed by next week. But whatever you do, tell that taxi to step on it when you get in – I’m waiting, handsome. I love you.”

Evelyn hung up and slid down to the floor. She let a tear escape – Maybe all of this was a mistake. She looked up and down her nude body.

“Well, let’s see what happens when he gets home. Niceville is only two hours away from here. He wouldn’t lie to me, would he?”

Two-and-a-half agonizing hours later, Evelyn heard a car pull up to the curb. She dared not look out the window, she did not want to give away her surprise. But she could listen.

She heard John talking to someone, expressing thanks and appreciation.

“Keep the change!”

Relief flooded her – He always paid cash to taxi drivers and gave enough for the fare and a generous tip at once. He hadn’t lied.

She tensed all over as she heard his dress shoes click on the concrete walkway. She whirled around, trying to decide whether to hide or remain out in the open, everything out for him to see at all once. Before Evelyn could decide, the key turned in the lock. She fluffed her fresh pin curls, checked her lipstick one last time, and smiled with a deep breath.

“Here goes nothing,” she thought to herself as the doorknob turned and the first shafts of new sunlight peeked through the doorjamb.

John didn’t have to say anything. His briefcase and hang-up bag hitting the floor was enough. He almost left the front door completely wide open, but slammed it shut within seconds. The slam made Evelyn jump and a stifled scream escaped from her mouth.

“Wow, baby …”

Within seconds, John had crossed the foyer and scooped Evelyn up, taking in all her nakedness. He could barely keep his mouth shut. He squeezed her tight as her bare feet left the ground. She felt weightless, free. His hands went everywhere, almost frantic that he would miss an inch of her beautiful skin.

They immersed in kisses, their hands everywhere. Evelyn desperately wanted John to undress and start making love pronto, but John wanted something else first. Holding Evelyn by the waist with his left arm with her legs wrapped around him, his right hand trailed down from her neck, to her breasts, over her hard nipples, to her navel. As his fingers grazed the skin at her hips, words hadn’t still not been said between them. Breathless with anticipation, Evelyn could only stare into his gray eyes and wait for his next, tender move. He was determined to be as gentle as possible. He wanted to make this time special for both of them, to make it up to her.

John’s fingers started to move below her hips. She tensed, but then relaxed. Her eyes spoke trust and love, exactly what John wanted to see. He touched her thighs, first the tops, and then moving inward. Her breaths started to speed up to a rapid pace. He kissed her softly, to help her relax. As she breathed out deeply, she felt his finger enter her smoothly and gently. She was surprised, but thrilled. She had wanted this to happen for a long time, and she accepted it with pleasure. He moved in and out to get her excited, and she began climaxing. Evelyn started to moan, and that’s what John loved. He kept moving his finger around, pleasuring her greatly. He put two fingers in after a few minutes, and she had to look down; she had thought it had to have been his penis. She only smiled and motioned her head toward the bedroom. John shook his head. It was going to happen right there in the foyer.

His fingers kept moving and thrusting where she had to remind herself that the best was yet to come. He wanted her to orgasm like this, and besides, he was getting harder with every move of his fingers in her hot, wet vagina. He wanted to make this experience as good, or better, than when they had their first celebratory experience on top of John’s desk.

Finally, he felt her clitoris erupt and then relax in a series of waves, and her moans matched that.

Evelyn came out of orgasm shocked that he was still fully clothed. As he carefully extricated his fingers out of her, Evelyn was ripping his clothes off, which was exactly what they both wanted. As they reveled in their nakedness, she stroked his penis with one hand and started to move his left hand toward her waist, indicating that she wanted a second round to prep for their ultimate passionate love-making in progress. They stimulated each other for only a few minutes on the freshly waxed hardwood floor, until John couldn’t take it anymore. He finally laid Evelyn on her back, breathed deeply, and pushed his penis into her vagina with such love and care that she wanted to spend the rest of her life in that position on that floor.

They made love for what seemed like hours, experiencing orgasm after orgasm.  Finally, John pulled out when he was absolutely spent. He laid his head on Evelyn’s gorgeous chest, feeling her calming breaths rise and fall between her perky breasts. Before passing out in exhaustion, John looked up into Evelyn’s robin’s egg blue eyes and just smiled. They didn’t need to say “I love you” at that point. They fell fast asleep on their foyer floor, wrapped in each other’s arms, and everything was right in the world.

Unfortunately, neither one of them wanted to go to work on Monday. That weekend had passed far too quickly – They were one of those couples who “lived for the weekends,” even though they were more than fortunate to be able to work together during the day and then go home together. They wanted to make love all the time, whenever and wherever they could.

John and Evelyn started to sneak away during the work day to have quickies. It started out with it only happening once or twice a week, and then quickly progressed to multiple times a day. John’s office was far too obvious with its frosted glass and thin walls, so they started exploring the multiple-story office building for new and exciting places. They were both adventurous, so it became very much like a game – who could find the next place with they could briefly escape but have the rush of potentially getting caught. They progressed from the bathroom stalls to the elevator to the abandoned cubicles on the 6th floor.

One of their favorites was the janitor’s closet. They both had memorized the layout very quickly so that they could move things back once they were done so nothing would be suspect. John reveled in the fact the Evelyn wore skirts and high heels every single day and rarely any pantyhose. However, when she did have to wear hose for clients or find it necessary in the winter, she went without panties and cleverly cut a hole large enough for John’s penis to fit that squarely aligned with Evelyn’s vagina. Whenever that happened, all John had to do was unzip, hoist Evelyn up so her bombshell legs wrapped around his waist, and for her to lean back far enough that John could enter her.

It got to the point that it didn’t matter if she was wearing hose or not, Evelyn decided to go commando most every workday. She knew John wanted her all the time, and she wanted to keep the spice alive. Besides, she got a thrill and an incredible rush whenever John was able to come up behind her, undetected of course, and grab her sexy ass without having to feel panty lines. In fact, almost every time that happened, some excuse came up where they both had to step out …

The quickies went on with great frenzy until they got caught. The whole team had caught on, rather quickly, that John and Evelyn were, well, involved with one another. Mary Anne starting keeping track of their “meetings” and “appointments out of the office” over the course of several weeks, and finally put it all together on a Friday in December. She wasn’t upset; actually, she was happy for them, and even a little jealous of Evelyn and what she had with John. Her long-term relationship with her significant other was rapidly going south and she anticipated their breakup before Christmas.

That Friday, Mary Anne had forgotten that John was supposed to meet with one of the most prestigious real estate developers in the vicinity of three cities at 1:00 sharp. John and Evelyn had disappeared just after 12:25 for a supposed “design meeting.” Knowing that this real estate developer was not only prestigious but very terse and onerous, she was determined to have John ready and presentable before 1:00.

It took Mary Anne three tries before discovering them. She wandered into the still-abandoned 6th floor at 12:37 and immediately saw John’s belt and pants hanging a little loose around his rear end. Then the sounds hit her ears – The moans, the grunting – It made her wince thinking of her degrading personal relationship. However, she didn’t dare interrupt – They were attempting to have a private moment. 

Was it appropriate, no, but Mary Anne didn’t want to risk any wrath from her boss, nor threaten the friendship he had carefully built with Evelyn.

She ducked into the hallway and found the closest bathroom to prevent drawing any kind of suspicion. She kept glancing at her watch. Apparently she had discovered them right as they had started – She didn’t hear Evelyn’s heels click until almost 12:45. As the elevator doors banged like a loud pot, she flushed and scrambled down the three flights of stairs, knowing full well that they would probably be involved in the elevator for as long as possible. Mary Anne just shook her head and couldn’t believe how any couple could have sex that much. She was doing good to have sex with her significant other a few times a week.

Mary Anne re-entered the office ahead of John and Evelyn, to her relief. Her relief was short-lived, however. She had taken not three steps through the doorway when she heard the nasal inhale of Mr. Laton – He had arrived and he was waiting impatiently.

“Welcome to JLA Construction, Mr. Laton, sir. It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person.”

Mr. William Laton was a seasoned veteran of the real estate business, with nearly 30 years under his belt. He just nodded at Mary Anne’s introduction. Finally, he cleared his throat.

“I do have a 1:00 appointment with Mr. – Mr. Alspice, correct?”

Mary Anne briefly glanced at the wall clock – 12:52.

“Yes, Mr. Laton, sir. He stepped out to a meeting with one of our designers and he will be returning very shortly.” It took everything Mary Anne had not to reveal her worry.

“Of course. Meetings are necessary in this business.” Mary Anne almost collapsed in relief.

With Mr. Laton occupied by the latest architectural literature on the coffee table, Mary Anne excused herself to the restroom. Out of sight, she ducked to the elevator bay and picked one. She got lucky.

The doors clanged open with the sounds of cymbals. Fortunately, she didn’t see John and Evelyn in any kind of compromising position this time. She cleared her throat as John was straightening his tie and Evelyn was tucking her candy-apple red blouse into her camel pencil skirt.

“Mr. Laton is here, early, to see you, sir.”

John and Evelyn exchanged a look of worry as Mary Anne stood there, waiting.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂


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