Writing Wednesdays #3

Image Credit: www.d.umn.edu

Image Credit: http://www.d.umn.edu

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” ~E.L. Doctorow

Welcome to the last Wednesday in January, already!

Enjoy the third installment!


Brennan and Kristin only half-listened to the overly-excited and high-pitched announcements that echoed from Rainbow Plaid Guy. Meanwhile, the two of them were almost giggling like schoolgirls over Rainbow’s exuberance.

“He must be gay, or close to it,” Brennan breathed, almost dying of laughter. Kristin had suspected something from the moment she had heard Rainbow’s voice in the baggage claim, but she was glad that Brennan was brave enough to actually say something. Kristin actually had a vengeance for gay-bashing at home, but she knew that Brennan was only joking, playfully at most. Besides, she took great pleasure in seeing a boy her age giggle, turn bright red and be able to scarcely breathe while trying to laugh and talk. It made her feel better. It helped her confirm that this was just one more thing that she and Brennan had in common.

Although Kristin had never really been involved in any kind of a serious relationship, she had one rule in determining a potential friend, or boyfriend for that matter. They had to have at least five or six things in common. Back home, there were very few people who met this criteria of hers. She could only think of three true candidates: her best friend since kindergarten, Anne-Marie; her best guy friend since middle school, Blake; and the most recent potential boyfriend material, the artsy Trevor. What these things were didn’t matter, as long as Kristin could recognize somewhat of a share interest between the two of them.

For Brennan, however, his numbers were off the charts. Forget five or six, Kristin had lost count at 14, halfway through the bus ride to Camp. There were probably even more, at least she hoped, anyway. In a nutshell, Kristin recognized commonalities in movies, music, love of reading, eating, social events; high school likes and dislikes; religious views and even their take on the government.

“This is crazy …” Kristin thought. “I haven’t even known him for half a day and already he’s so much like me. But I know we have differences, we have to! That’s how a couple’s relationship works; we have to have some things that are uncommon … right?”

As she thought, she kept stealing glances, and it made her blush a rosy pink every single time. “I cannot believe I just thought the words ‘couple’ and ‘relationship’. I know I’m moving too fast, but I can’t seem to stop myself. It must be my hormones, they’re driving me crazy. Crazy for this Brennan kid, that is …”

Brennan was having a similar train of thought as Kristin, though neither of them knew it. He too was absorbed in why he was so attracted to Kristin, not even five hours after they met over Kristin’s zebra-print bags in baggage claim.

“I’m just starting to get over Ashlee, which I know is a good thing … but am I falling for Kristin already? I don’t want to screw things up again, although I know Ashlee and I weren’t meant to be to begin with. I wanted to go out with her and try it. I’m glad we didn’t do anything we regret, so glad about that,” as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead.

He sincerely hoped Kristin wasn’t noticing his sweating.

“I know it’s hot on the bus and it must be close to 80 degrees outside, but Kristin is the hot button here for me.” Brennan tried to stop his thought train for a second to reevaluate his last thought, which came to a screeching halt.

“Whoa, dude. Slow the hormone party down a second. Did I just associate Kristin with ‘hot button’?” It was Brennan’s turn to blush furiously. He’d easily lost count of how many times that had happened over the course of the last three hours.

“We have so much in common, which is awesome! I totally want to get to know her better over the course of Camp.”

He took a deep breath and swiped his hands on his shorts, hoping and praying to calm his throbbing erection, along with the manic desire to dip her and start making out with her immediately.

“I haven’t had this many erections since Ashlee and I first started going together. That was nine months ago. She wanted me, and originally that’s what I wanted too. But it fizzled quickly, for me anyway. I can’t believe we lasted the seven months that we did, and that’s a record for a lot of high-school relationships. Again, I’m proud that we didn’t have sex or anything, but Kristin is making me want it so bad, so right now.”

Brennan breathed in again, trying desperately to steady his frayed nerves and his rapidly-quivering penis.

“Crap. I need to jack off, like right now, but I can’t. Not here, not now. I really, really hope our cabins are at least semi-private, or that the bathrooms have stalls. Otherwise, I’m going to look like a complete idiot in front of the girl that I most desire. Not just sexually, but overall. She’s wonderful, and I want her to be mine.”

Finally, Rainbow Plaid Guy finished his last set of instructions about cabin and latrine locations before letting everyone go. Brennan tried not to race off the bus, but he knew he was rushing.

He lamely said to Kristin, “I need to get off; um, I mean, get off the bus, to help unload the luggage. I’ll put yours beside me so no one will, you know, steal it or anything. See you out there in a bit.”

And as quick as The Flash, Kristin watched him disappear down the aisle and out into the dust and dirt that welcomed them to Camp at last.

She wondered why exactly he was in such a rush. He was practically dragging himself alongside her at the airport to be close to her. She shrugged and looked out the window at him, watching his lean, muscular body heave the menagerie of suitcases and luggage into waiting girls’ arms and hands, sweat pouring through his shirt and dripping from his hair. She couldn’t help but giggle, blush and wonder why her breasts and vagina were pulsating with every look he shot her through the dusty window.  


Kristin watched every move that Brennan made with bated breath. She couldn’t wait to be by his side again, once the large crowd of gawking girls left, that is. She was so defensive of him! She didn’t want to see any girl around him. She knew that was wrong, but Kristin couldn’t help it. She wanted him all to herself.

A crazy thought suddenly popped in her head as she continued to stare at Brennan’s back, and backside.

“What if this is the summer I lose my virginity? I wouldn’t want it to be any other guy except him …”

She had never, ever thought about having sex of any kind, with anyone, until this moment. Sure, she and Mom had had the “birds and the bees” talk several years ago, and Mom assured her daughter that she could come to her with any questions, at any time, and she would answer them to the best of her ability. Mom said that she would even talk about her own experiences if that would be beneficial to her only child. And Mom had made good on her promise.

Kristin had asked several based on what she’d heard around the school, and Mom never batted an eye. Kristin relished in the fact that her mother was concerned, but also completely open and honest. She had confided in her mother about oral sex, orgasms, hormones, intercourse, unprotected sex, what a condom felt like and much more. The sex-education class through the school had been a joke, in Kristin’s opinion. There were a few girls who got pregnant every few years, and Kristin knew that her parents were not like many in their small farming community. In fact, Kristin knew the only other parents that were even close to her mom and dad were Blake’s, and even the pairs of adults agreed that they didn’t use the same ways in raising their children.

Kristin felt extremely lucky that her mother had taught her so much on such a tough and controversial topic. Her mother didn’t bring down the pre-marital ultimatum, but Mom strongly encouraged the use of birth control and condoms at first. Kristin appreciated the freedom, and although she’d been on birth control for the last several years, she just hadn’t felt attracted to anyone enough to desire it. Even though she and Trevor had technically been boyfriend and girlfriend for several months last year, the farthest they’d gone was hot and heavy making out. Well, sort of …

There was that one Saturday night, after bowling with a ton of friends, when they were making out on the bench seat of Trevor’s crew cab in the back of parking lot. They both wanted some privacy before heading home for the night, which certainly was not common in their world.

They kissed and kissed until Kristin’s head spun. All the windows quickly steamed up, so much so that no one, even the sharpest of eyes, could see in or out. Kristin wondered where they were headed, but she was calm and just living in the moment.

She’d thought, “Hey, if we do have sex, I know I’ve been on the Pill for a long time. Besides, I know that Trevor keeps condoms in his glove box in his special silver box. Besides, I think we’d both enjoy it. If there’s only one thing that I’m sure of, I know that we’re both turned on, based on the windows right now …”

Come back next week!

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂


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