Quarterly Review #3

I’m getting a little better about posting these QRs in a timely fashion!

I give you QR #3 🙂

14 Goals for 2014

1. Balance checkbook every month

2. Complete the 52-week savings challenge

3. Donate to Goodwill once a month

4. Find & make 14 new recipes

5. Finish 2012 novel

6. Finish 2013 novel

7. Invest in pastel painting / artwork

8. Map routes in neighborhood to walk / run / rollerblade

9. Read at least 5 new books

10. Reduce screen time

11. Take a Medical Terminology class

12. Take iron pill every day

13. Walk 20 minutes during lunch

14. Yoga



3. QR: I’ve been donating when I fill at least two weeks. It’s nice to have a Goodwill literally a block away from my office! Oh, and that overhaul weekend I mentioned in the last review? Hasn’t happened yet. However, my bedroom is far cleaner and much more organized than it used to be (i.e., I can see a lot of the floor now!), so I’m happy with where I am, almost six months into being back home.

4. QR: Loving this challenge. I joined this group training thingy at the gym over the summer called FIT360 (Functional Intense Training), and they had a Nutrition Panel in August. I got a free cookbook out of it! Al and I made the shrimp scampi out of the book for our anniversary dinner, and it was AMAZING!

5. QR: Haven’t started, and I’m bummed about it! I am excited for November though, because I’ve already outlined what I want my novel to be. I hope to take some time over Christmas break and finish my previous ones.

6. QR: See #5.

7. QR: Work in progress. I’ve made several more wreaths for friends’ weddings, and I have several more to finish. I’m very pleased with the ones that I have made so far. I hope to feature them in a post at the end of the year 🙂

8. QR: My FitBit rocks! I think this is one of the best gifts that Al has ever given me!

Courtesy: fitbit.com

9. QR: Trying to finish book #5 soon!

10. QR: Work in progress. I rarely watch TV at Mom and Dad’s anymore, and I’m getting better about turning off the iPhone and computer before bed. I actually read a couple of magazines to help me fall asleep recently, rather than using music or something on YouTube to lull me to sleep.

11. QR: Intro to Med Terminology is going well so far – I think I have a mid-B in the class at the moment! I am taking my midterm on Friday morning, so wish me luck! I am feeling more confident with the material as each week passes – I can’t believe the semester is already half over! I also plan to register for the my coding certification course next month 🙂

12. QR: I have really struggled with this one. Pills and Laura Beth don’t mix well, at all. I’m going to try to give blood again this evening at a church near my office!

13. QR: Work in progress. I’m especially motivated this month because my company is offering prizes for the employees who log the most steps in October! This weekend was fantastic I logged over 11,000 steps on Saturday alone! This was mainly because of dancing and having a blast at Amanda and Dan’s fabulous wedding at the Chrysler Museum of Art, but I’ll take what I can get!

14. QR: I haven’t committed to a yoga class at the gym, but I’m taking more time to meditate in the mornings and evenings, when I first wake up and when I get ready to go to sleep at night. Deep breathing alone is doing wonders for me!

Look for one more review in December.

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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