Writing Prompt #2: “Self Portrait in Third Person”

I follow this wonderful website, Freckled Italian, religiously. I check it every single day, excited to see the newest post. Megan is a fellow writer and Longwood grad that I love. She is so sweet! Her post on June 25th was the inspiration for the following.

This is the postscript from Megan: This post is in response to the following prompt: “In the same way a painter does a portrait of a person, do a portrait in words…Do a self-portrait in the third person.” (From Old Friend from Far Away, page 214.)

I originally posted my response in the comment section. I read it over multiple times in the last two days, and each time I felt more confident that it needed to be shared here as well. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

She is jolted awake by her two cell phone alarms at 5:20 a.m. each morning. As she fumbles to press the right buttons/screen on her old LG and her new-ish work iPhone for another 10 minutes of sleep, she settles on her stomach and thinks about where she is thus far.

Laura Beth has recently moved back in with her parents to save as much money as possible, after being on her own in a cozy garage apartment for 10 months. She mulls over all the blessings in her life — Such a supportive family and a host of friends and sorority sisters that she treasures as an only child; a full-time job with multiple benefits such as a wonderful work family; the opportunity to work toward a paralegal degree. She knows that she only had a 50-50 shot at life when she entered this world 15 weeks too soon in 1988, and she is grateful for every breath.

She also knows that a wonderful man by the name of Al will likely ask her to marry him by year’s end, and thinking of that alone brings her utter joy and peace.

She studies herself before starting the water for her shower. Long legs like her namesake, great-grandma who lived to be 102; pale skin with a smattering of moles and freckles all over, and curves that she is finally loving and appreciating. She’s gained around 20 pounds since walking across the Longwood stage, Communication Studies degree in hand, a little over three years prior; but that doesn’t bother her anymore. She’s finally learned to be comfortable in her own skin. She is in complete control of her body.

As the sun starts to break through the clouds, she climbs into her Camry to make the 40-minute drive to Newport News. The commute is longer now, especially heading home, but she knows she’s making the drive for a good, stable job that will carry on into her future career endeavor. She knows that she is strong, independent, compassionate, with a touch of dramatic flair when she gets excited. No need for coffee or Starbucks – Her seemingly-endless amount of energy is fed with a whole-wheat bagel, vanilla yogurt, and water. At nearly 26 years old, Laura Beth is full of life and can’t wait to write the next chapter.

Happy Thursday! I’m really trying to get on a consistent blogging schedule, more than once or twice a month! Have a great day, and Go Team USA!!!




Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

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