Hot Topics: Return of the Blog

I have returned! I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since last I wrote. One of my best friends has been putting my writing to shame with her brave, fearless endeavor into the blogosphere – Against The Pull of Gravity ( Please check it out and comment!

Anyway, this amazing friend has inspired me to return – So, thank you!

For months (may be closer to a year now), I have carried around a mini spiral notebook in my purse with my black-Sharpie-cursive writing on the pink plastic cover:

Inspiration. Brain Sparks. Light Bulbs. Bingos. Ideas. Writing. Musings. Thoughts.

Most of the time, this notebook has been my place to jot down reminders and shopping lists. However, I recently started to fill the pages, front and back in orange gel pen, with topics. The top of each new page emblazoned with the underlined “Hot Shot Headlines.”

Here’s the list, thus far:

1.  On The Road with Steve Hartman

2.  ”I Will Sing and Not Be Silent” – Allen Pote

3.  ”Will You Come and Follow Me” – Kelvingrove

4. “Walk by Faith” – Jeremy Camp

5. Frozen

6. Pastels / Art / Potters’ House @ HPC

7. Arriving at Hidenwood

8. Elisabeth Von Trapp

9. Jennifer Lawrence

10. “The Paris Wife” Book Review

11. Tiffany Truitt Trilogy

12. Dear America Book Series

13. The Project for 15

14. V.C. Andrews & Her Books

15. An Attitude of Gratitude

16. Lesson in Leadership (President of AST)

17. My Quest to Get on Jeopardy!

18. Walking Around My Building (The Week of January 13th)

19. My Accident (February 12th)

20. The Impossible Command of Love (Pastor Bill Lamont Sermon, February 23rd)

21. NaNoWriMo

22. Forensic Files

23. Medical Terminology / Coding

This is just a taste of what’s to come :)

Until the next headline, Laura Beth

3 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Return of the Blog

  1. I’m glad you’ve started blogging again! I used you as motivation to start blogging, so…we’ve come full circle 🙂

    • Agreed! It feels so good, too. I’ve always said that writing and talking are my therapies! I appreciate your support so much 🙂

      And to think we met because of writing all those years ago …

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